Taurus G2 Vs G2c

Taurus G2 Vs G2c

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Are you finding it difficult to choose between the Taurus G2 and G2c pistols? Both are reliable handguns with great features, making it hard to make a decision. Check out this article as we analyze the G2 and G2c and break down their differences, so you can make an informed choice.

Taurus is a well-known manufacturer of handguns and other firearms, and the Taurus G2 and G2c are two of their most popular models. These handguns have many similarities, but there are a few key differences between them. In this post, we will compare the two, assess the differences between them, evaluate their ease of use, analyze their reliability and durability, and ultimately conclude which is the best choice.

Comparing the Taurus G2 and G2c

  • The Taurus G2 is a full-sized, semi-automatic handgun with a large frame.
  • The Taurus G2c is a compact, semi-automatic handgun with a smaller frame.
  • The Taurus G2 has a longer barrel and greater capacity. It holds 17 rounds in a single magazine.
  • The Taurus G2c has a shorter barrel and lower capacity. It holds a maximum of 12 rounds in a single magazine.

Assessing the Differences Between the Taurus G2 and G2c

The main differences between the Taurus G2 and G2c are in terms of size and capacity. The G2 is a larger, full-sized handgun, while the G2c is more compact and designed for concealed carry. Additionally, the G2 has a longer barrel and greater capacity, while the G2c has a shorter barrel and lower capacity.

Evaluating the Ease of Use of the Taurus G2 and G2c

The Taurus G2 and G2c both have a 5-pound trigger pull with a short reset, making them easy to use. The frame of the G2 is also designed for comfort and features an ergonomic design. The G2c is slightly more compact, and its textured grip and large trigger guard make it comfortable to use even with smaller hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the Taurus G2 and the G2c?

A: The Taurus G2 and G2c are two semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Taurus. The main difference between these guns is in the size. The G2 has a full-size frame and is 7.25 inches long while the G2c is a compact version with a shorter overall length of 6.25 inches. The G2 also has a higher capacity magazine of 17 rounds as opposed to the G2c’s 12 rounds. The G2c is slightly lighter at just over twenty-one ounces, whereas the G2 weighs about a half-pound more. Aside from size and capacity, both guns have similar features including a manual safety, a double-action trigger system, and a stainless steel guide rod.

In Conclusion

The Taurus G2 and G2c are two excellent handguns for all kinds of situations. Ultimately, either would be an excellent choice for a reliable and powerful sidearm to suit your needs. No matter which one you choose, you can have confidence that it will deliver outstanding performance and reliability that will keep you safe and comfortable regardless of the situation.
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When it comes to finding the right sidearm for self-defense, the two top contenders are the Taurus G2 and G2c. Both are reliable and effective semi-automatic handguns that are ideal for a range of situations. However, how do they stack up against each other when it comes to price, size, capacity, and features?

When comparing the two, it’s important to note that the G2 is the bigger pistol, both in length and height. This makes it a bit bulkier than the G2c. The G2 also has a longer barrel than the G2c; the larger barrel gives it an edge in terms of accuracy.

In terms of capacity, the G2 holds 12 rounds in the magazine, while the G2c holds only 10. This is one area where the G2 is superior. However, the G2c makes up for this by being more compact and lightweight. So if size matters in your selection, the G2c may be the better choice.

The G2 and G2c both feature Taurus’ innovative “Strike Two” trigger system, which allows shooters to fire more accurately without having to reset the trigger pull after each shot. All G2 and G2c models also come with an external safety feature, which allows the shooter to deactivate the tablet before firing.

When it comes to price, the G2s does cost a bit more than the G2c. This is mainly due to its larger size, higher capacity, and additional features. For those who are looking for a good all-around gun that can carry more rounds, it may be worth the extra investment.

In the end, it is up to the shooter to decide which gun is the better fit for their needs. It’s important to compare the features, price, size, and capacity to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Both the Taurus G2 and G2c are reliable weapons that can serve a range of self-defense needs.