Tasty Friends Swap Their Favorite Snacks – Rie and Tway

Tasty Friends Swap Their Favorite Snacks – Rie and Tway

In our latest YouTube video, titled “,” we get to witness a delightful exchange of snacks between Rie and Tway. Though known for their culinary prowess, this time they decided to step away from the kitchen and swap their favorite Japanese and Vietnamese snacks. In this blog post, we will dive deep into this snack-swap adventure and discover the unique flavors that left our taste buds wanting more. So sit tight and grab a snack, because this is going to be a delicious journey!

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1. “Tasty Friends Swap Their Favorite Snacks: A Delicious Japanese and Vietnamese Snack Exchange”

Today on Making It Big, we have a special treat for you! Rie and Tway are swapping their favorite snacks from Japan and Vietnam. Get ready to embark on a tasty adventure as they exchange delicious treats and share their thoughts on each one.

First up, Rie introduces her favorite Japanese snack called JagaRico. This unique snack is made with potato salad and transforms into a creamy delight when soaked in hot water. Tway, on the other hand, presents her beloved rice rolls, specifically the egg yolk flavor. Despite its healthy appearance, Tway confesses that it’s addictively delicious and finishes it in one sitting.

As they swap snacks, Rie discovers that Tway’s rice rolls have a satisfying mouthfeel and a flavor that reminds her of a stale McDonald’s fry. In return, Rie offers Tway a taste of her secret snack, JagaRico. Tway is pleasantly surprised by the melt-in-your-mouth texture and the subtle yet addictive flavor. Both hosts decide to keep their own snacks, unable to part with their personal favorites.

But the snack exchange doesn’t stop there! Next, they unveil Banh Pia, a Vietnamese treat with durian flavor and a surprise cured egg yolk inside. While Rie admits she’s never had durian before, Tway eagerly shares this unique flavor with her. The combination proves to be intriguing and leaves them excited for more snack swaps to come.

Join Rie and Tway on this delicious journey as they continue discovering new and exciting snacks from Japan and Vietnam. Stay tuned for more snack exchanges and let your taste buds be tantalized by the flavors of these two culinary worlds coming together.

2. “Discovering Japan’s JagaRico and Vietnam’s Rice Rolls: A Taste Test”

Today on Making It Big, we have a special episode where Rie and Tway will be swapping snacks from their native countries. Rie has brought along her favorite Japanese snack called JagaRico. It is made with potato salad and when soaked in hot water, it becomes a delicious potato salad. Tway, on the other hand, has brought Vietnamese rice rolls, which she initially found unappetizing but later became addicted to. These rice rolls have a bean filling and a healthy appearance.

Rie is the first to taste Tway’s rice rolls. She describes it as a seasoned fry with a nice mouth feel. Although she hasn’t had anything similar before, she jokingly compares it to a stale McDonald’s fry, but crunchy. Next, Tway tries Rie’s JagaRico and is pleasantly surprised by its addictive melt-in-your-mouth texture and subtle flavor. They both decide to keep their favorite snacks, as it’s difficult to give up something so beloved.

In the next round of snack swapping, Tway presents a Vietnamese snack called Banh Pia, specifically the durian flavor with a cured egg yolk inside. Tway mentions that durian is a fruit Rie may not have tried before. Rie admits to never having tried durian itself, but is open to trying it in this snack form. Unfortunately, the transcript is cut off, leaving us in suspense about their feedback on this particular snack. Stay tuned to Making It Big for more exciting snack swaps!

3. “Exploring Hidden Delights: The Addictive Japanese Potato Salad Snack and Vietnamese Egg Yolk Delicacy”

Today we are exploring two hidden delights from Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine. First up, we have the addictive Japanese snack called JagaRico. This unique snack is actually made with potato salad and when soaked in hot water, it transforms into a delicious potato salad. It’s a must-try for potato lovers looking for a unique twist.

Next, we have the Vietnamese delicacy known as rice rolls. These rolls come in various flavors, but the egg yolk flavor is a fan favorite. Although they may not look appetizing at first, these rice rolls are surprisingly addictive. Once you give them a try, you won’t be able to stop munching on them.

The JagaRico and rice rolls offer different experiences but share the common factor of being addictive snacks. The JagaRico is crispy and has a nice mouthfeel, making it a satisfying treat. On the other hand, the rice rolls melt in your mouth and have a subtle flavor that keeps you wanting more. Both snacks are unique in their own ways and are worth a try for adventurous snack enthusiasts.

So, whether you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine or intrigued by Vietnamese delicacies, these hidden delights are definitely worth adding to your snack repertoire. Give them a try and let us know which one becomes your new favorite. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for more, as these snacks have a way of becoming addictive treats you’ll crave.

4. “The Challenge of Giving Up Your Favorite Snack: Choosing Between JagaRico and Banh Pia’s Durian Delight

Today, we are diving into the challenge of giving up your favorite snack and choosing between JagaRico and Banh Pia’s Durian Delight. JagaRico, a Japanese snack, has been Rie’s favorite since high school. Made with potato salad, this unique snack becomes potato salad when soaked in hot water. On the other hand, Tway introduces Banh Pia, a Vietnamese snack known as rice rolls. Tway’s favorite flavor is the egg yolk variety which she initially thought looked healthy but was pleasantly surprised when she finally tried it and found it addictive.

When swapping snacks, Rie finds that Tway’s Banh Pia has a nice mouthfeel, similar to seasoned fries. Tway, on the other hand, enjoys the melt-in-your-mouth experience of JagaRico. Both snacks have a unique appeal, with JagaRico having a subtle flavor and Banh Pia offering a durian-flavored treat with a cured egg yolk inside. After much deliberation, they decide to keep their own favorite snacks, showcasing the challenge of giving up something you truly enjoy.

Overall, it becomes clear that the challenge of giving up your favorite snack is not an easy feat. Both Rie and Tway express the difficulty in parting with their chosen snacks, emphasizing the emotional attachment we often have with our favorite snacks. However, the experience of swapping snacks and trying something new is an exciting journey filled with unexpected delights. Stay tuned for more snack swaps between Rie and Tway as they explore the world of unique flavors and mouthwatering treats.


Q: What is the topic of the YouTube video?
A: The topic of the YouTube video is about two friends, Rie and Tway, swapping their favorite snacks.

Q: Who are the hosts of the YouTube video?
A: The hosts of the YouTube video are Rie and Tway.

Q: What show is Tway going to be a new host of?
A: Tway is going to be a new host of Making It Big.

Q: What are Rie’s favorite snacks from Japan?
A: Rie’s favorite snacks from Japan are called JagaRico, which are made with potato salad.

Q: What are Tway’s favorite snacks from Vietnam?
A: Tway’s favorite snacks from Vietnam are rice rolls, with her favorite flavor being egg yolk.

Q: How did Rie describe the taste and texture of Tway’s snack?
A: Rie described Tway’s snack as having a nice mouth feel and being addictive.

Q: How did Tway describe the taste and texture of Rie’s snack?
A: Tway described Rie’s snack as melting in the mouth and being addictive due to its lack of strong flavor.

Q: Did they decide to keep their own favorite snacks or swap?
A: They both decided to keep their own favorite snacks.

Q: What is the second snack they swapped?
A: The second snack they swapped is called Banh Pia, with Tway’s favorite flavor being durian.

Q: What is the unusual ingredient inside the Banh Pia?
A: The unusual ingredient inside the Banh Pia is a cured egg yolk.

Q: Have either of them tried durian before?
A: Rie has never tried durian before.

Q: Did they enjoy each other’s snacks?
A: Yes, they both enjoyed each other’s snacks.

Q: Did they decide to keep their new swapped snacks or swap again?
A: The video ends before they decide whether to keep their new swapped snacks or swap again.

Final Notes

ake before. So I know it has a very distinct smell and taste. – It does, yeah. – So I’m excited to try this. – Yeah, I’m excited for you to try it too. And now I get to try something new. – Yeah. – This is called the Jagabee. I think it’s a potato snack as well. – Mm-hmm. – And this one’s a seaweed and salt flavor. – All right. – So I’m excited to try this. – Yeah, let’s swap. (laughs) – All right. – Ooh. – This looks so interesting. – Right? I like the packaging. – It looks really fancy. It feels fancy. – Yeah, I like the little window too so you can see it. – Yeah. So we’re gonna try the durian one first. – Yes. – Cheers. – Cheers. Oh wow. – Mmm. – That’s creamy. – That’s interesting. It’s like a mix of sweet and savory. – Right. And you can definitely taste the durian. – Yeah. – The egg yolk adds a nice richness to it. – Mm-hmm. – It’s good. – It is. – All right. Should we try the Jagabee now? – Yes. – All right. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Mm. – Mmm. That’s good. – That’s really good. I love the seaweed flavor. – Mm-hmm. It’s like a nice umami taste. – Yeah. But it’s also light. – Yeah. It’s not too heavy. – Yeah. – Mm-hmm. – All right. We have to decide. – Yes. This is difficult. – Yeah. – I really enjoyed the durian flavor. – Yeah, me too. But I think I’m gonna go with the Jagabee. – Yeah. I think I’m gonna go with the Banh Pia. – Mm. – Yeah. – It was tough. – It was tough. – But these were all really good. – Yeah, they were. Thank you so much for swapping snacks with me. – Thank you. This was so much fun. – Yeah, I enjoyed it. – And we got to try new snacks. – Yeah. It’s always great to try new things. – Definitely. Well, thank you for watching. – Thank you. We’ll see you next time. – See you next time.

Rie and Tway are two best friends who love to explore the culinary horizon. This week, they swapped their favorite snacks to savor the delights of one another’s culinary wonders.

Rie brought over her special steamed buns. These were full of sweet, sticky red bean paste and little pieces of almond. The fragrant sweetness of the buns filled the room as soon as Rie opened the box. Tway was at a loss for words at the delightful aroma. She thanked Rie for such a wonderful treat.

Tway in turn, shared her homemade Peking duck wraps. The fragrant pork filled the mouth with its exquisite flavor while the crispy exterior added an extra layer of texture that kept the guests coming back for more. And the added sesame seeds gave another dimension of taste that really set the wraps apart.

The duo then shared their bounty with friends and family. Everyone enjoyed the chance to sample the culinary delights that the two had to offer. Everyone was in awe of the tasty snacks and had to have seconds. It was a great time of sharing and a reminder that the flavors of friendship know no bounds.

In the end, Rie and Tway both had an amazing experience trying each other’s favorite snacks. They agreed that it was a great way to bring people together and wish they could have these swaps more often. The two vowed to continue exploring different snacks and swap them to share with their friends and family. So, the next time you get together with your best friend, why not try something new and swap out some of your favorite snacks?



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