Rie's 5 Years of Viral Tasty Videos • Tasty

Rie's 5 Years of Viral Tasty Videos • Tasty

Title: Celebrating 5 Years of Viral Tasty Videos: Reflecting on Rie’s Favorite Memories

Hello there! Today, we are here to commemorate a momentous occasion – Tasty’s fifth anniversary! To honor this remarkable milestone, Rie, the talented recipe developer from Tasty Japan, takes us on a trip down memory lane. In a recent YouTube video titled “Rie’s 5 Years of Viral Tasty Videos,” she shares some of her most cherished memories and highlights from her incredible journey at Tasty. From her humble beginnings in 2016 to becoming a renowned figure in the world of food videos, Rie’s story is an inspiration to all aspiring culinary enthusiasts. Let’s dive into her captivating narrative and explore the magic behind her viral creations.

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1. “Celebrating 5 Years of Tasty: A Look Back at Rie’s Viral Videos”

For Tasty’s 5th anniversary, let’s take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the incredible videos that Rie has created over the years. One of Rie’s earliest videos, “Animal Shaped Eggs Phobias,” quickly went viral and holds a special place in her heart. In this video, Rie showcases her creativity by decorating boiled eggs in various animal shapes, such as rabbits, hedgehogs, owls, and mice. She uses ingredients like black sesame, carrageenan, green olives, and pink peppercorn to bring these adorable creations to life. The video not only resonated with viewers but also reminded Rie of the power of food videos and how they can inspire and bring people together.

Another milestone for Rie on her tasty journey was in 2017 when she appeared on camera for the first time in the “Fried Chicken Cookoff” video. In this video, Rie demonstrates how to make Japanese-style chicken wings known as tebasaki. She shares her technique of double frying the chicken to ensure it is cooked through and crispy. Rie also reveals the secret ingredients for the sauce – soy sauce, mirin, and sake, which she considers the holy trinity of Japanese seasoning. Her nervousness on camera didn’t overshadow her passion for sharing her homemade recipe, and this video became a hit among viewers.

In 2018, Rie embarked on an exciting culinary adventure with the “Dumpling Around Asia” video. To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Rie showcased various dumpling recipes from different cultures. She collaborated with her co-workers to share their own family recipes and techniques for making dumplings. This video not only honored different Asian cultures but also highlighted the importance of sharing and preserving traditional recipes. Rie was proud to be part of this project, and it stood out as one of the most notable videos of that year.

It’s remarkable to see how Rie’s videos have evolved and touched the lives of people around the world. From her viral animal-shaped eggs to her mouthwatering fried chicken and diverse dumpling recipes, Rie has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the Tasty community. As we celebrate Tasty’s 5th anniversary, let’s appreciate Rie’s incredible talent and look forward to many more delicious and inspiring videos in the future.

2. “From Animal-Shaped Eggs to Japanese Fried Chicken: Rie’s Most Memorable Tasty Videos”

In celebration of Tasty’s 5th anniversary, I wanted to take a moment to share some of my most memorable and favorite videos with you. When I joined Tasty as a recipe developer for Tasty Japan in April 2016, I was filled with excitement and curiosity about shooting videos and how they were made.

One of my most embarrassing but also proud moments was when one of my videos went viral. It was a video featuring animal-shaped eggs. As a child, I loved eating boiled eggs shaped like rabbits that my mom prepared for me. In this video, I went beyond rabbits and made various shapes like hedgehogs, owls, and mice. The video inspired many people to try making these adorable animal-shaped eggs, and it was the first time I realized the power of food videos.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to be in front of the camera for the first time. The video was a fried chicken cookoff, specifically showcasing how to make Japanese-style chicken wings called tebasaki. To ensure the chicken was cooked through and crispy, I demonstrated the double fry method. The tebasaki wings were coated in potato starch and then tossed in a flavorful sauce made with soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, and garlic. It was nerve-wracking being on camera, but it was an incredible experience to share one of my favorite recipes with the Tasty audience.

Another video that holds a special place in my heart is the “Dumpling Around Asia” video, which I created in 2018 for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. In this video, I wanted to showcase different dumpling recipes from various cultures. I reached out to my co-workers and asked them to share their own recipes. It was a personal and meaningful project that celebrated the diverse culinary traditions of Asia.

These are just a few of the many memorable videos I’ve had the privilege to be a part of during my time at Tasty. Each video represents a unique experience and a chance to share my love for food with a wider audience. I hope you enjoy revisiting these videos and appreciate the journey I’ve had at Tasty over the past five years.

3. “The Power of Food Videos: Rie’s Journey as a Tasty Recipe Developer”

In her journey as a Tasty recipe developer, Rie has discovered the incredible power of food videos. Join her as she reflects on some of her favorite memories and videos that have shaped her career.

One of Rie’s earliest videos, “Animal Shaped Eggs,” holds a special place in her heart. It went viral and showcased her creativity and passion for food. In the video, Rie shares her childhood love for boiled eggs shaped like rabbits, a snack her mother used to prepare for her. To add her own twist, Rie made different shapes of animals like rabbits, hedgehogs, owls, and mice. The video resonated with viewers, and Rie was thrilled to see people tagging their friends, excited to make these adorable creations together. It was through this video that she realized the tremendous impact that food videos can have.

As Rie grew more comfortable in front of the camera, she took on a new challenge in 2017: starring in a video herself. The video, “Fried Chicken Cookoff,” featured Rie demonstrating how to make Japanese-style chicken wings called tebasaki. In the video, she introduced a double frying method to ensure the chicken is both cooked through and crispy. Rie’s love for Japanese seasoning led her to create a flavorful sauce using soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, and garlic. Despite feeling nervous on camera, Rie cherished the experience of sharing her homemade recipe with the Tasty community.

In 2018, Rie had a whirlwind year at Tasty, and one of her proudest videos was “Dumpling Around Asia.” She released this video during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, with the intention of celebrating dumpling recipes from different cultures. Rie reached out to her co-workers, asking them to share their own recipes. The video became a beautiful tribute to diversity and showcased Rie’s dedication to highlighting the flavors and traditions of various cultures through food.

Rie’s journey as a Tasty recipe developer has been nothing short of incredible. Through her videos, she has inspired countless viewers, making them excited to explore new recipes and techniques. Rie’s appreciation for the power of food videos continues to grow, and she looks forward to sharing more delicious creations with the world.

4. “Unveiling Rie’s Culinary Adventures in Asia: A Tribute to Cultural Diversity

In this post, we will take a closer look at Rie’s culinary journey exploring the diverse cuisines of Asia. From her early days at Tasty, Rie has been fascinated by the art of food preparation and the cultural significance behind each dish.

One of Rie’s most memorable videos is the viral sensation of animal-shaped eggs. Inspired by the boiled egg rabbits her mother used to make for her, Rie created a video showcasing not only rabbits but also hedgehogs, owls, and mice. Each animal was meticulously crafted using various ingredients like black sesame, cara, green olives, and pink peppercorn. The video struck a chord with viewers, sparking a desire to recreate these adorable culinary creations.

In another noteworthy video, Rie delves into the world of Japanese-style chicken wings known as tebasaki. With her signature double fry method, she ensures that the chicken is cooked through while achieving a crispy texture. Rie also introduces viewers to the holy trinity of Japanese seasoning – soy sauce, mirin, and sake – creating a deliciously intense sauce to coat the wings. Tossed with sesame seeds for added flavor, these tebasaki wings are a delightful treat for any food lover.


Q: When did Rie join Tasty?
A: Rie joined Tasty in April 2016.

Q: What was Rie’s role when she first joined Tasty?
A: Rie was hired as a Tasty Japan recipe developer.

Q: What was the theme of Rie’s first viral video?
A: The theme of Rie’s first viral video was animal-shaped eggs.

Q: How did Rie make the rabbit-shaped egg?
A: Rie decorated a boiled egg to make it look like a rabbit using black sesame and carrot for the nose.

Q: What other animals did Rie make in the animal-shaped eggs video?
A: Rie also made a hedgehog, an owl, and a mouse in the animal-shaped eggs video.

Q: Why is the animal-shaped eggs video special to Rie?
A: The animal-shaped eggs video is special to Rie because her mother used to make rabbit-shaped eggs for her, and it inspired a lot of people to make them as well.

Q: What cooking method did Rie demonstrate in her first on-camera video?
A: In her first on-camera video, Rie demonstrated the double fry method for making Japanese-style chicken wings called tebasaki.

Q: What ingredients did Rie use for the tebasaki sauce?
A: Rie used soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, and garlic for the tebasaki sauce.

Q: What special month was Rie’s “Dumpling Around Asia” video created for?
A: Rie created the “Dumpling Around Asia” video for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Q: What did Rie showcase in the “Dumpling Around Asia” video?
A: In the “Dumpling Around Asia” video, Rie showcased dumpling recipes from different cultures with the help of her co-workers.

Final Notes

In conclusion, Rie’s 5 Years of Viral Tasty Videos is a celebration of her journey and the impact she has made in the world of food videos. From her embarrassing yet viral video on animal-shaped eggs to her first time being in a video showcasing Japanese-style chicken wings, Rie has shown us the power of food videos in inspiring and bringing people together.

One of the highlights was Rie’s video on creating animal-shaped eggs, a recipe that holds a special place in her heart as it reminds her of her mother’s cooking. Seeing the video inspire people and encourage them to try it themselves truly showed Rie the influence of food videos.

As 2017 rolled around, Rie became more comfortable in front of the camera and shared her expertise on double frying chicken wings. Her demonstration of the Japanese-style tebasaki wings, with the perfect combination of soy sauce, mirin, and sake, showcased her ability to create both delicious and easy-to-follow recipes.

In 2018, Rie took on the challenge of showcasing dumpling recipes from different cultures in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. This video not only highlighted the diversity of dumplings but also showcased the incredible teamwork and collaboration within the Tasty community.

Rie’s journey over the past five years has been filled with growth, inspiration, and mouthwatering recipes. As we celebrate Tasty’s 5th anniversary, let us applaud Rie for her contributions to the world of food videos and appreciate the joy and deliciousness she has brought to our screens. Here’s to many more years of viral and tasty videos from Rie and the entire Tasty team. Happy birthday, Tasty!

When Rie McClenny released her first viral Tasty video in 2015, no one could have predicted the amazing 5-year journey it has been. In just five years, Rie’s videos have become an internet sensation, with her channel boasting over 3 million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. Her success has been driven by her inimitable style, creative content and ability to make complicated recipes simple.

Rie makes cooking look easy, whether she’s making something complex (e.g. sushi) or something simple (e.g. scrambled eggs). Her combination of clarity and humor help to break down complicated recipes into simple steps. People of all ages and backgrounds can relate to the recipes she shares.

Rie’s content has consistently set the trends in the viral Tasty world. In the early days, she was one of the pioneers in bringing the ‘one pan’ approach to cooking. This involves cooking with few ingredients in one pot or pan. This type of cooking is now commonplace in many Tasty videos.

Rie’s videos have also been very successful in bringing people into the kitchen. She has inspired people to try cooking their own meals and, in doing so, develop a greater appreciation of food. This in turn has lead to people becoming more aware and mindful of the food they consume.

All of these factors have combined to make Rie one of the top names in Tasty video creation. Her 5-year journey has been one of success and innovation, and shows no signs of slowing down. In the words of Rie herself, “Cooking should be fun, and I’m here to help make it that way!”



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