Mere Mortals shop tour 2012

Mere Mortals shop tour 2012

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Title: Exploring the Transformation: Mere Mortals Shop Tour 2012

Welcome back to yet another exciting blog post, where we dive into the topics discussed in the YouTube video titled “Mere Mortals Shop Tour 2012.” In this video, our seasoned host takes us on a journey through his two-car garage turned workshop, showcasing some of the changes that have transpired since his previous shop tour four years ago. So, grab a cup of coffee and join us as we explore the professional workflow, equipment placements, wood storage solutions, and more in this captivating video.

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1) “A Glimpse Inside Mere Mortals’ Shop: Changes and Setup Strategies”

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the setup strategies and changes that have taken place in Mere Mortals’ shop. Over the years, Mere Mortals has transformed his two-car garage into a functional workshop, making adjustments to optimize his workflow and utilize space efficiently.

One noticeable change is the relocation of the lights used for shooting videos, which have been temporarily moved outside the shop. This decision was made to create more space inside the shop and improve visibility during filming. Despite the darker ambiance, it hasn’t hindered Mere Mortals’ work in any way.

To enhance workflow, Mere Mortals has strategically placed his table saw near the garage door, which is almost always open. This layout provides ample room to move materials in and out of the shop easily. The new saw, which is kept in an upright position, offers mobility without compromising stability.

The shop layout also includes a conveniently placed bandsaw near the front of the garage. Although the sunlight can sometimes affect its visibility, it receives frequent use in this location. Moreover, Mere Mortals has disassembled his jointer due to a malfunction, leaving room for potential repairs or the addition of a new jointer in the future. The router table, on the other hand, continues to work flawlessly, thanks to the feather boards generously provided by Craig.

Storage is always a challenge in any workshop, but Mere Mortals has maintained a system for organizing his wood. Small pieces are stored below the workbench, while exotic pieces are kept separate on one side. Additionally, a clear out has provided space underneath the workbench for shorter wooden pieces, and a loft serves as a storage area for longer items such as two by fours. Despite the occasional challenge of maneuvering large timber to the loft, Mere Mortals acknowledges the room for improvement in this aspect of his shop.

Overall, Mere Mortals’ shop has evolved over the years, adapting to his needs and enhancing the workflow. Despite the limited space and unique challenges, the layout and organization strategies have proven successful, contributing to a functional and efficient workshop for woodworking endeavors.

2) “Maximizing Space and Workflow in a Two-Car Garage Shop”

In my two-car garage shop, I have focused on maximizing space and workflow to ensure efficiency in my woodworking projects. One key aspect of this is the placement of my tools and equipment. I have strategically positioned my table saw right up next to the garage door, keeping the door open most of the time. This allows me ample space to move materials in and out easily. Additionally, I leave my table saw in the up position, making it portable and convenient to roll around when needed.

Another essential tool in my shop is the bandsaw, which I keep near the front of the garage. Though it may currently be affected by the sunlight, this placement works well for me as the bandsaw receives frequent use. I have intentionally disassembled my jointer, which is in need of repairs, but this has opened up additional space in the shop. In terms of organization, I have found that keeping small pieces of wood below my workbench and separating exotic pieces on one side helps maintain some semblance of order.

When it comes to wood storage, I have maintained a similar system as showcased in a previous video. I store small pieces of wood below my workbench, while longer pieces are kept in a lofted area. However, storing large and bulky items can be a challenge, as they require a more thought-out system for easy access. Despite this, I am generally satisfied with how my shop is set up, and I am always open to making improvements as needed.

Overall, in my two-car garage shop, I strive to make the most of the available space and optimize workflow. By strategically positioning my tools and implementing storage solutions for wood, I am able to maintain an organized and efficient workspace for my woodworking projects.

3) “Exploring Tools and Workbenches in Mere Mortals’ Shop Tour”

In Mere Mortals’ Shop Tour, we get a glimpse into the tools and workbenches that make up the efficient workflow in this space. The shop, housed in a two-car garage, is well-organized and optimized for convenience. To maximize space, the lights used for shooting videos have been temporarily moved outside, allowing for a clearer view inside.

One interesting aspect of the shop’s layout is the placement of the table saw. Positioned right next to the garage door and with the door often left open, it provides ample room to move materials in and out. The table saw itself is a new addition and is designed to be easily maneuverable. It sits in the raised position most of the time, ensuring it doesn’t roll around while working.

Another key tool in the shop is the bandsaw, conveniently located near the front of the garage. Despite the glare from sunlight, it is frequently used and serves its purpose well. However, the jointer is currently disassembled and in need of repairs. While it awaits restoration, there is plenty of extra space in the shop to accommodate other projects.

Wood storage is always a challenge, but the system used here has proven effective. Small pieces are kept below the workbench, while exotic pieces are stored separately on one side. There is also a loft in the shop where longer pieces can be stored, although it can be quite a challenge to lift large, inexpensive pieces up there. Overall, this shop provides a practical and well-organized space for Mere Mortals to work on various projects.

4) “Creative Wood Storage Solutions in Mere Mortals’ Shop

In the world of woodworking, efficient wood storage solutions are essential for a smooth workflow. In my shop, I have implemented various creative storage methods that have greatly improved my productivity. Firstly, I have strategically positioned my table saw adjacent to the garage door, allowing easy access and plenty of space to move materials in and out of the shop. This setup has proven to be incredibly convenient for me.

Another key aspect of my wood storage system is the organization of small and exotic pieces. I keep small pieces down below and reserve a separate area for exotic wood. This segregation helps me easily locate and access specific types of wood when needed. Additionally, I have cleared out space under my main workbench for shorter pieces, while utilizing a loft area for storing longer pieces such as two by fours and large wooden goods.

My router table has been a valuable addition to my shop, providing efficient functionality and precision. To enhance its performance, I have installed feather boards sent to me by Craig, which greatly improve stability and control. Overall, I am satisfied with the layout and organization of my shop, with the only minor adjustment being the underutilized front slot in my router table. Nevertheless, it’s always better to have extra features for future needs.

Wood storage is always a challenge for woodworkers, and I have tried to optimize my shop space to accommodate various wood sizes and types. Through proper organization and strategic placement, I have managed to maintain a functional and efficient system. However, I am always open to new ideas and improvements that can further enhance my wood storage solutions in the future. Woodworking requires constant adaptation and innovation, and I am committed to finding the best methods for my unique needs.


Q: What is the topic of the YouTube video?
A: The topic of the YouTube video is a shop tour of “Mere Mortals” in 2012.

Q: How would you describe the shop in the video?
A: The shop in the video is a two-car garage that has never been used to park a car. It may be a little dark inside because the lights used for shooting videos take up a lot of room.

Q: What does the speaker mention about the workflow in the shop?
A: The speaker mentions that for an efficient workflow in the shop, they have set up their table saw next to the garage door, keeping the door open most of the time for plenty of room to work and move materials outside.

Q: Where is the bandsaw located in the shop?
A: The bandsaw is located near the front of the garage, receiving direct sunlight, but it is a good spot for it and gets a lot of use.

Q: What is the condition of the jointer in the shop?
A: The jointer in the shop is currently disassembled and has some issues with lifting and lowering. The speaker mentions that they need to either fix it or consider getting a new toy jointer.

Q: How does the speaker feel about the design of the router table?
A: The speaker feels that the design of the router table is perfect and has no regrets. They mention that they haven’t used the front slot yet, but it is there if needed in the future.

Q: How does the speaker organize their wood storage?
A: The speaker organizes their wood storage by keeping small pieces below the main workbench and separating exotic pieces on one side. They also have a loft where they keep long pieces, such as two by fours and large cheap goods.

Q: What does the speaker mention about the challenges of the current wood storage system?
A: The speaker mentions that getting large cheap goods up to the loft can be a real challenge and they wish they had a better system for that.

Final Notes

In conclusion, the “” YouTube video provided an in-depth look into the workshop of this professional woodworker. The tour highlighted the layout and organization of the shop, as well as various tools and equipment used for woodworking projects.

One aspect that stood out was the efficient workflow setup. The placement of the table saw near the garage door allowed for easy material movement and ample space to work. The new saw, kept in an upright position for mobility, proved to be a great addition to the shop.

Additionally, the bandsaw, strategically placed near the front of the garage, received frequent use. However, the jointer was currently disassembled due to some issues, calling for repair or the possibility of acquiring a new one.

The router table, built with care and precision, continued to perform exceptionally well. The addition of Craig’s feather boards enhanced its functionality. The only minor adjustment that could be considered was the utilization of the front slot, which had not been used thus far.

When it comes to wood storage, the woodworker maintained a system similar to that of four years ago. Small pieces were arranged below, while exotic pieces were kept separate on one side. The clearance under the main workbench allowed for storage of shorter pieces, while a loft provided space for longer pieces such as two by fours and larger goods.

Overall, the “” showcased a well-organized and functional workspace, demonstrating the woodworker’s expertise and dedication to his craft.
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