I made a hurdle for my cats. 🐱 LOCKDOWN Day 66

I made a hurdle for my cats. 🐱 LOCKDOWN Day 66

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Title: “Creating a Hurdle for My Cats: A Lockdown Day 66 Experiment”


In these challenging times of self-isolation and quarantine, many of us have found ourselves searching for unique ways to entertain and engage with our pets. One such individual, featured in a recent YouTube video titled “,” has taken this opportunity to showcase their feline friends’ agility and intellect through a homemade obstacle course. With a professional and meticulous approach, they have developed an ingenious project to keep their cats mentally stimulated while enjoying the rewards of clicker training. This blog post delves into the various tricks taught to the cats, the creation of the hurdle, and the unexpected generosity received from viewers during this experiment. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of feline agility training during these unprecedented times.

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1. “Creating a Fun and Challenging Obstacle Course for my Cats During Lockdown”

During these unprecedented times of being stuck at home, many pet owners, like myself, are constantly looking for new and creative ways to keep our furry friends entertained. One idea that has caught my attention is creating a cat jumping course inspired by the popular dog show obstacle courses. I have been training my cats using clicker training, and they have been responding well to it. So, I thought it would be a great time to introduce a fun and challenging obstacle course for them.

The first step in creating the course is to start with a simple fence on the ground. I plan to use two sticks with one going across as the bar. I will train my cat to walk over it, and every time they successfully complete the task, I will use the clicker to reinforce the behavior and reward them with a treat. Once they are comfortable with this, I can gradually raise the bar to increase the difficulty. Eventually, I hope to incorporate a hoop for them to jump through.

Creating this obstacle course for my cats is a spontaneous project that I am excited to embark on. I believe it will not only provide them with mental stimulation and physical exercise but also strengthen the bond between us. I am grateful to the individuals who have sent me various stickers and patches, which I plan to display during this project. Stay tuned for updates as I document the progress of our cat jumping course!

2. “Using Clicker Training to Teach My Cats New Tricks”

In the world of pet training, clicker training has become a popular technique for teaching new tricks to animals. I have recently started using clicker training to teach my cats some exciting skills. While one of my cats, Bubbles, has taken to it eagerly, the other, Cobra, requires a bit more patience. Nonetheless, I have successfully taught Bubbles a few tricks such as sitting, lying down, and shaking paws.

Inspired by agility training in dog shows, I have a new goal in mind for my cats – to create a cat jumping fence. I plan to start by placing a small fence on the ground and having Bubbles walk over it. Each time she successfully completes the task, I will click the clicker and reward her with a treat. Once she masters this, I will gradually increase the height of the fence. Eventually, I hope to introduce a hoop for her to jump through. The possibilities are endless with clicker training.

Before diving into my cat training adventure, I would like to express my gratitude to some generous individuals who have sent me gifts. Raymond from dogwood Tales sent me a beautifully hand-carved feather, featuring my logo, made from roasted poplar. It smells so good that I’m tempted to eat it! Additionally, I received patches from Andy and NATO headquarters, which have a cool sci-fi vibe. I also received a mysterious sticker that I’m still figuring out the proper orientation for. Lastly, Derek Kelly made a custom sticker for me, which I plan to proudly display on my cabinet.

With these gifts and my cats’ growing abilities, I am excited to embark on the journey of creating a cat jumping fence. Stay tuned for more updates as I document my progress and share tips on clicker training with my feline friends.

3. “Building a Cat Jumping Fence and Expanding Their Training”

I have recently embarked on a new project for my cats – building a cat jumping fence. You know those dog shows where the dogs have to jump over a bar that keeps getting raised? Well, I want to create something similar for my feline friends. I’ve been training them using a clicker and giving them treats, and they have been responding really well. Bubbles, in particular, has taken to it like a natural, while Cobra is progressing at his own pace. So far, I’ve been teaching them tricks such as “down” and “shake,” and they are getting really good at it.

To start building the cat jumping fence, I plan to keep it on the ground initially. I will encourage my cats to walk over it and reward them with a click and a treat. The clicker training method has been quite effective, and I am excited to see how they will respond to jumping over the fence. If they are successful, my next step will be to introduce a hoop for them to jump through. I’m taking a spontaneous approach to this project, opting not to make any detailed plans. It will basically involve using two sticks and one going across.

Before getting into the project, I would like to express my gratitude to a few individuals who have sent me some thoughtful gifts. Raymond from dogwood Tales sent me a hand-carved feather, complete with my logo, made out of roasted poplar. It smells fantastic, although I won’t actually eat it! Additionally, I’ve received stickers, patches, and a flag of Wichita, Kansas from other generous viewers. I really appreciate the support and love adding these items to my collection.

Stay tuned for updates on my cat training journey and the progress of the cat jumping fence. It’s an exciting project that I believe will not only provide entertainment for me and my cats but also enhance their physical and mental agility. I can’t wait to see how they conquer new heights!

4. “Unboxing and Thanking Subscribers for Their Generous Gifts

In this video, I wanted to share an exciting project I have been working on for my cats. Inspired by dog shows with agility courses, I decided to create a cat jumping fence. I have been training my cats using a clicker and treats, and they have been responding well to it. Bubbles, in particular, has been picking up new tricks quickly, while Cobra has been a bit more reserved. Nonetheless, I have been making progress with both of them.

To start, I plan to make a small fence for the cats to jump over. I will begin by placing it on the ground and getting the cats to walk over it using the clicker training method. Once they master this, I will gradually raise the height of the fence. If all goes well, I hope to eventually introduce a hoop for them to jump through. It’s a fun and interactive way to keep your pets engaged, especially during times of isolation like what we are currently experiencing.

Before I dive into the project, I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to some generous subscribers who have sent me gifts. Raymond from dogwood Tales sent me a hand-carved feather made out of roasted poplar. It’s not only interesting but also features my logo on it. Andy sent me a couple of patches, which have a cool design. One is from NATO headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, and the other is from the NATO Response Force. Additionally, I received a sticker from DIY Dad and a custom-made sticker from Derek Kelly.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me a self-addressed stamped envelope for stickers. I have started mailing them out, and they should be arriving in the next week or so. It’s incredibly heartwarming to receive such thoughtful gifts from my subscribers, and I truly appreciate the support.

Stay tuned for the upcoming project video where I will be building the cat jumping fence. I can’t wait to see how my cats will respond to it, and I hope it inspires other pet owners to try interactive training activities with their furry friends.


Q: What is the topic of the YouTube video “”?
A: The topic of the video is the creation of a hurdle for the YouTuber’s cats to jump over.

Q: How are the cats being trained to jump over the hurdle?
A: The cats are being trained using a clicker and treats as rewards.

Q: How is the progress of the training going?
A: One of the cats, Bubbles, is taking to the training well and learning new tricks quickly. The other cat, Cobra, is a bit more measured and not as advanced as Bubbles.

Q: What is the YouTuber’s plan for the hurdle training?
A: The YouTuber plans to start with a hurdle on the ground and have the cats walk over it, rewarding them with a click and treat. Eventually, they want to progress to jumping through a hoop.

Q: Did the YouTuber receive any gifts or mail during the video?
A: Yes, the YouTuber received various gifts including a hand-carved feather, patches, stickers, and a flag of Wichita, Kansas.

Q: How are the gifts acknowledged in the video?
A: The YouTuber thanks the individuals who sent the gifts and shows them on camera.

Q: Did the YouTuber mention any updates regarding stickers?
A: Yes, the YouTuber mentioned that they have started mailing out stickers to those who sent self-addressed stamped envelopes.

Q: How does the YouTuber describe the hurdle-making process?
A: The YouTuber describes the process as “just winging it” and not making any plans. They mention using sticks for the hurdle.

Q: What is the overall tone or style of the video?
A: The video has a lighthearted and casual tone, with the YouTuber sharing updates, showing appreciation for gifts, and discussing their creative project with the cats.

Q: Is there any additional information mentioned in the video transcript?
A: No additional information is provided in the given transcript.

Final Notes

In conclusion, this YouTube video titled “” showcases the creativity and dedication of the creator in training their cats with a clicker and teaching them new tricks. The idea of creating a cat jumping fence, inspired by dog shows, demonstrates their commitment to providing a stimulating environment for their pets during the lockdown period. While one cat, Bubbles, shows great enthusiasm and progress in learning tricks, the other cat, Cobra, takes a more measured approach.

The creator plans to start with a fence on the ground and gradually raise it as the cats learn to jump over it, using the clicker training method. They even express their intention to eventually introduce a hoop for the cats to jump through. It is evident that this project is a product of the creator’s spontaneous and improvisational approach, as they decide to “wing it” without making any concrete plans.

Additionally, the video includes a segment where the creator expresses gratitude towards their audience and showcases the various items and stickers they have received. This personal touch highlights the strong connection between the creator and their viewers, as well as the support they receive from their community.

Overall, this video not only provides entertainment but also serves as a source of inspiration for pet owners looking to engage and train their furry companions during the lockdown period. It exemplifies the power of creativity and adaptability in finding innovative ways to keep our pets mentally stimulated and physically active.
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What do cats do when they have nothing to do with the long term in the absence of gifts and friends? It appears that they can find something fun to do even in boring situations. This was seen in the case of Amy Jones, whose two cats were bored all day during the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns.

Jones created a hurdle for her cats to turn their boredom into a fun activity. She created the hurdle by using cardboard boxes and other supplies she had around the house. She then challenged her cats for a race by setting the hurdles in the shape of a series of straight lines and circles.

The cats attempted and completed the hurdle in no time! The cats then loved the challenge and spent around 20 minutes playing with it. Amy was surprised to see how intelligent and curious her cats were to complete the hurdle and to have fun at the same time.

The hurdle was a necessary way for her cats to get some exercise and entertainment during a period when they’re confined at home. She also suggested the same idea to other pet owners to help alleviate their pets’ boredom during this period.

Overall, the cats loved the hurdle and it was a great way to get them out of boredom. Withthe help of some creativity and some basic supplies, it can be a fun way to keep cats entertained.



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