I Made A 2-Foot Giant Pocky

I Made A 2-Foot Giant Pocky

Welcome to our blog post where we delve into the fascinating world of food challenges. In today’s YouTube video titled “”, renowned chef Tway takes on the challenge of creating a larger-than-life version of everyone’s favorite childhood snack, Pocky. With a special guest, Jasmine, celebrating her birthday, the stakes are high for Tway to deliver an unforgettable birthday surprise.

As the video begins, Tway introduces “Making it Big”, a show dedicated to transforming beloved foods into gargantuan creations. This time, the focus is on Pocky, the popular Japanese biscuit stick covered in various flavors. Tway and Jasmine envision a humongous Pocky, resembling a lightsaber in size. The choice of flavors is crucial, and Tway selects chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and cookies and cream, ensuring a delectable treat for Jasmine’s birthday celebration.

The challenge begins with Tway tackling the creation of a shortbread cookie dough, a critical component in constructing the oversized Pocky. With mountains of butter and flour, Tway expertly combines the ingredients in a food processor, careful not to overwhelm the machine. As Tway adds vanilla and milk to the mixture, the food processor unexpectedly decides to take a break, but the dough’s texture looks promising.

Undeterred by the slight setback, Tway perseveres, knowing that there is still a lot of work to be done, including creating a chocolate dough. With precision and finesse, Tway shapes the dough and dusts it with flour, ensuring the delicate nature of the shortbread cookies is preserved. The result is astonishing – a giant Pocky that already boasts an impressive size.

Join us on this captivating journey as Tway continues to craft this extraordinary treat, sharing her expertise and passion for culinary mastery. Stay tuned for the next part of this blog series, where we explore the final steps of transforming this 2-foot giant Pocky into a jaw-dropping birthday gift for Jasmine. Get ready to feast your eyes on this edible marvel, and prepare to be amazed!

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In this episode of “Making it Big”, we are taking on the challenge of creating a 2-foot giant Pocky cookie log. Our guest for this special episode is celebrating her birthday, so we have to make sure we deliver an amazing treat. We start by gathering all the necessary ingredients, including four delicious flavors: chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and cookies and cream.

To begin, we prepare the shortbread cookie dough. Mixing two pounds of flour, a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of baking powder, and one and a half teaspoons of kosher salt in a food processor, we then add one pound of butter and combine everything. The process can be a bit daunting, as it requires careful attention to ensure the machine doesn’t overheat. Once the dough has reached the desired consistency, we drizzle in a mixture of vanilla and milk.

Unfortunately, our equipment is not specifically designed for creating giant food, but we make do with what we have. The shortbread dough is just the beginning, as we also need to make a chocolate dough. Despite the challenges, we shape the dough into a massive Pocky log using a sieve to dust flour and ensure there are no lumps. The delicate nature of shortbread cookies makes it a very sensitive process, but we proceed with caution, knowing that this treat is going to be a showstopper.

Stay tuned for the next steps in creating this giant Pocky cookie log. We’re excited to see the final result, and we hope our birthday girl, Jasmine, will be thrilled with this incredible birthday gift.

2. “From Miniature to Gargantuan: The Journey of a Childhood Snack”

In this episode of “Making it Big”, the host Tway takes on the challenge of turning a childhood snack into a gargantuan treat. The special guest for this episode happens to be celebrating her birthday, so the pressure is on to make it a memorable one.

The snack of choice for this challenge is Pocky, a popular Japanese treat that comes in various flavors such as chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and cookies and cream. The aim is to supersize these small snacks into a humongous version, similar to a lightsaber. Tway is up for the task and ready to make this birthday girl’s dream come true.

To create the giant Pocky, Tway starts by preparing the shortbread cookie dough. With two pounds of flour, a cup of sugar, tablespoon of baking powder, kosher salt, and a pound of butter, the food processor is put to work. Tway overcomes the challenge of using equipment that isn’t designed for making big food, but manages to achieve a flaky mixture. Vanilla and milk are whisked together and drizzled into the dough for added flavor.

Despite the delicate nature of shortbread cookies, Tway shapes the dough into a massive Pocky stick. The size alone is impressive, and Tway ensures there are no lumps by dusting the dough with flour using a sieve. Although the cookie is sensitive and wants to fall apart, Tway successfully creates a giant Pocky stick that will surely be a show-stopper at the birthday celebration.

The journey from miniature to gargantuan is well underway, and with Tway’s expertise and determination, this childhood snack is about to become a towering delight that will make this birthday the best one yet. Stay tuned to “Making it Big” to witness the final result and see the reactions of the birthday girl and her guests.

3. “Mastering the Art of Giant Shortbread Cookies: A Birthday Surprise

In this episode of “Making it Big”, we are tackling the challenge of creating giant shortbread cookies for a special birthday surprise. The birthday girl, Jasmine, has brought her favorite childhood snacks, Pocky, and wants us to make them humongous, like a lightsaber. We have flavors like chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and cookies and cream to work with, so it’s going to be an exciting and delicious project.

To create the perfect shortbread cookie dough, we start by combining two pounds of flour, a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of baking powder, and one and a half teaspoons of kosher salt in a food processor. We then add one pound of butter and pulse the mixture until it becomes flaky. After whisking some vanilla into milk, we drizzle it into the mixture. Unfortunately, our food processor decides to stop on its own, but the dough looks amazing and this is just one batch for one dough.

Shaping the dough is a delicate process as shortbread cookies tend to be sensitive and can easily fall apart. We use a sieve to dust flour onto the dough to prevent lumps and make sure it stays intact. It’s hard to believe that this giant shortbread cookie is made from just one Pocky, but it’s already massive and ready to be baked. Making these giant shortbread cookies requires precision and patience, but it will be well worth it for Jasmine’s birthday surprise.


Q: What is the title of the YouTube video?
A: The title of the YouTube video is “.”

Q: Who is the host of the video?
A: The host of the video is Tway.

Q: What is the premise of the show “Making it Big”?
A: The show “Making it Big” takes your favorite foods and turns them giant, colossal, and gargantuan.

Q: Who is the special guest in the video and why is it a significant episode?
A: The special guest in the video is celebrating her birthday, making it a significant episode.

Q: What childhood snack does the guest have in her hands?
A: The guest has Pocky, one of her favorite childhood snacks, in her hands.

Q: How does the host describe the size of normal Pocky?
A: The host describes normal Pocky as small.

Q: How big do they want to make the Pocky?
A: They want to make the Pocky humongous, like a lightsaber.

Q: What flavors are they working with?
A: They are working with chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and cookies and cream flavors.

Q: How does the guest react when the host offers to pick one flavor?
A: The guest suggests they use all of the flavors.

Q: How does the host feel about taking on this challenge for the guest’s birthday?
A: The host expresses excitement and is determined to make it the best birthday gift ever.

Q: What ingredients does the host need to make the shortbread cookie dough?
A: The host needs flour, sugar, baking powder, kosher salt, butter, vanilla, and milk to make the shortbread cookie dough.

Q: How does the host feel about having to use a large amount of butter and flour?
A: The host finds it a bit daunting to have to use a large amount of butter and flour.

Q: What machine does the host use to mix the dough ingredients?
A: The host uses a food processor to mix the dough ingredients.

Q: What does the host need to be cautious about while using the food processor?
A: The host needs to keep a close eye on the food processor to ensure it doesn’t overheat.

Q: What happens to the food processor during the process?
A: The food processor stops on its own during the process.

Q: What other flavor of dough does the host need to make?
A: The host needs to make a chocolate dough in addition to the vanilla dough.

Q: What does the host use to shape the dough?
A: The host uses a spatula to shape the dough.

Q: How does the host describe the size of the Pocky after shaping the dough?
A: The host can’t believe that the shaped dough is already so massive, even though it’s just one Pocky.

Q: What is the host’s opinion about shortbread cookies?
A: The host believes that shortbread cookies are very tricky and delicate.

Q: What does the host use to dust the flour?
A: The host uses a sieve to dust the flour.

Note: The Q&A does not cover the entire transcript, but includes the main highlights and topics discussed in the YouTube video.

Final Notes

t’s wrap up this blog post on the YouTube video titled “.” In this video, Tway showcases her skills on her show “Making it Big” where she transforms ordinary foods into giant versions. This time, she takes on the challenge of making a colossal Pocky for a special guest’s birthday.

The video starts with Tway introducing the birthday girl and her childhood favorite snack, Pocky. They both agree that they want this Pocky to be humongous, like a light saber. Tway then sets out to make the dough for the giant Pocky, using generous amounts of flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and butter.

Although the equipment she has might not be ideal for making such large treats, Tway perseveres and adds a vanilla mixture to the dough. Unfortunately, the food processor decides to take a break on its own, but Tway remains positive and appreciates the progress she has made so far. She even plans to make a chocolate dough as well.

Next, Tway shapes the dough into the desired Pocky shape and dusts it with flour to ensure a smooth texture. Despite facing the delicate nature of shortbread cookies, Tway manages to create an enormous Pocky that already looks delicious.

As we reach the end of this blog post, it’s evident that Tway has done a remarkable job turning a small snack into an extraordinary treat. Her dedication and creativity shine through in her giant Pocky creation. It’s no doubt that the birthday girl will be thrilled with this unique and special birthday gift.

If you want to witness Tway’s talent firsthand and learn more about her incredible food creations, be sure to check out the full video on her YouTube channel. And don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to stay updated with her amazing culinary adventures.

Thank you for joining us in this blog post discussion on “.” Stay tuned for more exciting food-related content and remember, sometimes bigger is truly better.

I recently embarked on a project that was both ambitious and delightful: creating a two-foot-long giant Pocky stick. The edible masterpiece had been lingering in the back of my mind for months. But, despite the huge undertaking, I decided that the only way I could truly appreciate the height of Pocky-snacking glory would be to create it myself.

The challenge was two-fold: I had to take the necessary precautions to preserve the Pocky’s structure and ensure each nibble was as good as the last. I started by baking a two-foot-long biscuit using puff pastry. Keeping the pastry’s surface lightly floured, I conscientiously layered melted dark chocolate over each unbaked sheet, allowing it time to cool as well.

The hard part of the project was the assembly. Once the pastry was finished baking, I inserted a skewer into the center of the biscuit and then proceeded to pour melted white chocolate onto the stick. After each layer cooled, I repeated the process, layering chocolate and biscuit one after the other. Finally, I gave the completed structure several hours to chill before trying it out.

The result? A two-foot-long masterpiece that, while it wobbled in the crook of my finger and couldn’t quite fit into its packaging, was an absolute success. Sharing my giant Pocky with friends was one of the most gratifying experiences I have had in baking. It was an achievement that made us smile and reminded us of how far a little creativity can take us.

For anyone looking for an exciting culinary project, I recommend giving Pocky a try. It may take some time and patience, but it is sure to be worth it.



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