How To Pronounce Condemn

How To Pronounce Condemn

Do your friends ever giggle a little bit when you pronounce the word “condemn”? Don’t let their amusement get you down, as the reality is that it can be quite tricky to get the pronunciation of this word right. But don’t worry – with some help from us, you can learn how to pronounce “condemn” like a pro and soon become the envy of your friends. Read on to find out how!

1. The Basics of Condemn
Condemn is a verb that means to criticize someone or something harshly. It can mean to pass judgement and to punish, or to express strong disapproval. An example of general usage is: “The judge condemned the criminal’s deeds.”

2. Ways to Improve Your Pronunciation of Condemn
To pronounce condemn correctly, make sure your tongue stays flat on the bottom of your mouth and your jaw drops. Here are some tips for mastering the word:

  • Break up the word—try to say “con” and “demn” separately
  • Record yourself speaking the word and listen back
  • Repeat the word regularly until you become comfortable with it

3. Common Mistakes to Avoid
When it comes to condemn, it’s important to pay attention to proper pronunciation. Common mistakes to avoid include:

  • Not fully enunciating all of the syllables in the word
  • Saying “condom” instead of “condemn”
  • Making the “con” sound too soft or elongated

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the correct pronunciation of the word “condemn”?
A: “Condemn” is pronounced kuhn-DEM. The ‘c’ is pronounced like a ‘k’, and the ‘d’ is spoken as a soft ‘d’.

Q: Are there any other pronunciations of this word?
A: While there is no other accepted pronunciation for this word in English, alternate pronunciations can be found in some other languages.

Q: Is there a difference between British versus American English when it comes to the pronunciation of “condemn”?
A: No, both British and American English use the same pronunciation for “condemn”.

In Conclusion

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to pronounce “condemn” in English. Remember, always concentrate on the accents and syllables correctly to improve your pronunciation. If you practice speaking aloud, you will find the pronunciation easier to master over time. Happy speaking!
Pronouncing words correctly is an important aspect of communication, and the word ‘condemn’ is no exception. This word can be tricky to pronounce due to its silent ‘d.’ Here are some tips to ensure you have this word down pat.

The word ‘condemn’ is pronounced as /kuhn-DEM/. The ‘c’ is pronounced like the ‘k’ in ‘kitten’, the ‘o’ like the ‘a’ in ‘father’, the ‘n’ like the ‘n’ in ‘noon’, the ‘d’ is silent, and the ’em’ is pronounced like the ’em’ in ‘remember.’

To pronounce this word correctly, take notice of the ‘d.’ This letter is silent and should not be pronounced. It is common to hear the mistake of pronouncing this letter, so make sure to make note of this.

For those that need some extra help, try breaking the word into its component sounds and putting them back together. Start with “con,” then add the “dem” sound at the end – this will guide you towards the correct pronunciation.

With practice, you will have the pronunciation of ‘condemn’ down pat quickly. Practice saying the word out loud and emphasize the silent letter so that it is engraved in your mind.

Remember, correctly pronouncing words demonstrates a higher level of understanding the language. Once you understand the correct pronunciation of ‘condemn’, you can soon impress your friends and colleagues with your command of language.