How Old Was Solomon When He Died

How Old Was Solomon When He Died

Are you curious to find out when one of history’s most famous kings reached his end? You might be surprised to learn that the answer to “How Old Was Solomon When He Died?” is a bit more complicated than it may seem. Keep reading to see what the experts have to say about this intriguing question.

The story of Solomon is one of the most well known accounts from the Bible. In the Old Testament it states that the King of Israel, Solomon, reigned for 40 years before his death. While this is a popularly accepted fact, many scholars have raised questions about the actual age of Solomon by the time of his death. In this post, we’ll explore the various opinions and theories about the age of Solomon at death by examining some of the most compelling evidence and weighing the possible explanations.

The Biblical Account of Solomon’s Age at Death: According to the Hebrew Bible, Solomon was twenty years old when he began reign and reigned for forty years. This means his death occurred at age sixty. That said, other ancient texts state that he lived to be eighty or even ninety years old by the time of his death. To this day, scholars are unable to definitively answer the question of how old Solomon was when he died.

Exploring the Possibilities for Solomon’s Age at Death: There are several theories to explain why the differing accounts of Solomon’s age exist. The most commonly accepted explanation is that the forty-year reference in the Bible is an intentional symbolic measurement. Others suggest that the longer life span in other accounts is a result of methods used to calculate the lifespan of individuals.

Factors to Consider when Calculating Solomon’s Age at Death:

  • Cultural traditions—such as whether or not to refer to someone by their age at death
  • Calendar conventions—including how the length of a month or year was estimated
  • Available historical records—including discrepancies between accounts
  • Other suggested evidence—such as archaeological discoveries or other ancient texts

In light of these considerations, the best answer available to us is that we simply cannot know the exact age at which Solomon passed away.

Conclusion: Estimating the Age of Solomon at Death: While there are a number of opinions and theories about what age Solomon was when he died, the only definitive answer is that we do not know for certain. We must carefully assess the available evidence and consider the various factors to come to our own conclusion. Ultimately, whether he was sixty, eighty, or ninety years old at death, Solomon will forever remain an iconic figure in history who reigned wisely and was laid to rest in his beloved kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old was Solomon when he died?
A: According to the Bible, King Solomon was around 80 years old when he died. He was born circa 1010 BCE and ruled as King of Israel for 40 years, from around 970 to 930 BCE. He died in approximately 931 BCE.

In Conclusion

We hope this article has shed some light on the age of Solomon at the time of his death. It’s worth keeping in mind that while the exact answer is not known, it is certainly possible that he still had many years left when he passed away. No matter his age, we know that Solomon was a wise and gifted ruler throughout his lifetime, and his legacy lives on.
King Solomon of Israel, son of King David and renowned for his wisdom, died c. 931/930 BCE at approximately the age of 80. It is believed that his rule began c. 962/961 BCE, making him approximately 40 years old when he became king.

He is generally thought to have been a peaceful ruler, although several historical accounts disagree about this. For example, some suggest that Solomon, during his reign, expanded the borders of Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and actively engaged in warfare with neighbouring empires, whilst others largely believe that Solomon dedicated himself to peaceful rule.

Whilst Solomon is best known for building the first Temple in Jerusalem during his reign, he is also known for his extensive programme of works to support the development of the Israelite economy and to secure the legacy of his father, King David. He built a navy, fortified cities, and constructed roads during his rule.

Given his level of activity while reigning, it is unsurprising that he would have lived to an aging 80 years. It is possible that a number of factors contributed to King Solomon’s longevity, including his access to a health care system, diet, and exercise.

Solomon’s death marked the end of a forty-year reign of great achievements in Israel and his wisdom, for which he has been praised and remembered for throughout the centuries, still has a place in the world.

Whilst it can be said with some confidence that King Solomon died at the age of 80, the accuracy of that estimation besides for being “approximately 80 years old” remains uncertain.

Until further records or evidence is found, it is unlikely that we will ever know exactly how old Solomon was at the time of his death.