How Old Is David Coverdale

How Old Is David Coverdale

Has the frontman for one of the most enduring and iconic rock bands of all time finally revealed the truth about his age? David Coverdale — the iconic singer of Whitesnake and Deep Purple — has finally given clues to his age in an exclusive interview. Let’s take a closer look at the mysterious age of this rock star and find out what he had to say.

David Coverdale is an English rock singer-songwriter, best known as the frontman of Whitesnake, one of the most successful British hard rock bands. Coverdale first established himself during the mid-1970s as the lead singer of the group Deep Purple, before leaving the band in 1976 and embarking on a career as a solo artist. In recent years, Coverdale has continued to tour and record with Whitesnake, releasing albums such as Slip of the Tongue (1989) and Good to Be Bad (2008).

Whitesnake is a British hard rock band formed in 1978, by ex-Deep Purple vocalist David Coverdale. The original lineup featured Coverdale on lead vocals, Bernie Marsden on guitar, Micky Moody on guitar, Neil Murray on bass, and Dave Dowle on drums. Throughout its various incarnations over the years, Whitesnake has featured many well-known musicians including, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Adrian Vandenberg, Vivian Campbell and Doug Aldrich on guitar, and Tommy Aldridge and Chris Frazier on drums.

David Coverdale was born on 22nd September 1951, in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire, in England. Coverdale is currently 69 years old.

Coverdale has had a highly successful music career that has spanned five decades, beginning in the early 1970s with Deep Purple. After leaving the band in 1976, he pursued a solo career before forming the blues-influenced hard rock band Whitesnake in 1978. Coverdale released his self-titled debut in 1977, followed by Northwinds (1978). Whitesnake released their commercially successful album Slide It In (1984), before releasing their most successful album to date, Whitesnake (1987). Other albums released in the 1980s include Slip of the Tongue (1989) and Restless Heart (1997). More recently, Coverdale has continued to tour with various versions of Whitesnake, releasing albums such as Good to Be Bad (2008) and Flesh & Blood (2020).

In conclusion, David Coverdale is one of the most successful rock singers of all time. After beginning his career in the early 1970s with Deep Purple, Coverdale has gone on to continue that success with Whitesnake. The band has released numerous albums and remain popular to this day, due to Coverdale’s powerful singing voice and ability to adapt to changing musical styles. His most recent album, Flesh & Blood (2020), proves his ongoing contribution to rock music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old is David Coverdale?
A: David Coverdale is 67 years old. He was born on 22 September 1951 in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Q: What is David Coverdale’s background?
A: David Coverdale is a singer/songwriter and musician best known as the lead singer of British hard rock band Whitesnake. Before launching a solo career, he was part of the blues rock bands Deep Purple and Trapeze.

Q: What albums has David Coverdale released?
A: David Coverdale has released 8 studio albums as a solo artist, most notably Coverdale•Page (a collaboration with Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page) and Into the Light. As part of Whitesnake, he has released 10 studio albums between 1978 and 2011.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, David Coverdale is now 67 years old and is still actively performing and recording. He continues to be one of the greats of rock and roll and although his image, voice, and sound have all changed over the years; one thing is certain; David Coverdale remains a legendary force in the music industry and he has proved that he has staying power in the decades he has been a part of it.
English singer-songwriter David Coverdale, the founder of the hard rock band Whitesnake, has been a musical staple since the early 1970s. His songs, which often explore themes such as love, faith, and relationships, have earned him widespread acclaim and several awards throughout his successful career. With such deep and meaningful lyrics, it’s no wonder fans often wonder – just how old is David Coverdale?

The answer to this question is that David Coverdale is 68 years old. Born in Salisbury, England on 22nd September 1951, Coverdale showed an early love for music, becoming lead singer of Deep Purple in 1973. After his time in that band, he started Whitesnake and released their self-titled debut album in 1978.

From there, his career took off in a big way, and he had several hit albums such as Slide It In, and Lovehunter, as well as hits such as “Here I Go Again” and “Is This Love”. He was also nominated for a Grammy Award in 1990 for the album Slip of the Tongue.

Despite his age, David Coverdale remains as active and involved in music as ever. He has released several albums with Whitesnake and is currently working on a new album with them. He also has recently completed the critically acclaimed solo album White Heart.

In conclusion, David Coverdale is an English singer-songwriter who began his successful musical career in the early 1970s. He is 68 years old and continues to be active in the music industry with a number of recent releases. He has won awards for his work and is a much-loved figure by fans and critics alike.