How Much Is Rockin’ Jump For 2 Hours

How Much Is Rockin’ Jump For 2 Hours

Are ‍you looking ‍for ⁤a ⁤wild activity for your next night out? ⁢Well, then you should know⁣ that Rockin’ Jump is the perfect solution! But ⁤how ‌much are you going to have to⁣ pay for two ‌hours of this jump-filled‌ fun? Keep reading to ‌find out! Introducing Rockin’ Jump: ​All About the High-Energy ⁢Trampoline Arena
At ‌Rockin’⁤ Jump,⁤ bouncing off the ‌walls is not only allowed, it’s​ encouraged!‌ This high-energy trampoline arena⁤ has something for⁣ everyone, whether you’re looking for ‍an outlet to ⁣get active, ‍a place to have fun with your‌ family or friends, or a unique ⁤venue for​ your next ⁢event. At Rockin’ Jump, you get:

  • An indoor ⁤facility filled with ⁢interconnected ‍oversized trampolines
  • Party rooms for hosting events ⁣of any kind
  • Staff that sets up games and activities
  • Arcade for‍ gaming​ action

An ​experience at Rockin’ Jump ‌is ‍filled with exhilarating‍ thrills‌ and surprises. Plus, you⁢ can feel safe knowing that all⁤ of the trampolines⁣ are padded in high quality materials and the facility is regularly inspected to ensure the highest safety standards ⁢are met.

Understanding the ⁢Cost⁣ of 2 Hours‍ at Rockin’ Jump
The ⁤cost​ of 2‍ hours at ​Rockin’ ‌Jump ‍depends ⁢on ⁣the type of ticket you purchase. ⁤Prices ⁣range from $19.99‌ for ‍a single⁤ person ticket, ⁤to $50 ⁤for a family of five. All tickets include access to the‍ slam​ dunk basketball court, dodgeball court,⁣ rock wall and ​trampoline stadium,⁣ and the arcade. ‌Plus, packages for birthday ⁣parties, team events, and corporate⁢ events ⁢are available.

Unlocking the ‍Benefits of ⁣a Rockin’ Jump ‌Experience
A visit‌ to Rockin’ Jump has‌ lots of ⁢great benefits. Not​ only ⁢is it‌ a⁣ great​ way to get some exercise, but it’s also a fantastic way to ‍blow off ⁤steam. Plus, an afternoon ​at Rockin’ Jump can create lasting ⁢memories ⁣and wonderful shared ​experiences for your family and friends.

Planning ‍for Maximum Fun at Rockin’​ Jump
When it comes to planning⁤ for a Rockin’⁢ Jump experience, make‌ sure⁣ you ‍plan ahead‌ of time. ​Don’t forget ⁤to bring⁢ your closed-toe shoes and ⁤socks, as they’re not allowed ⁣inside the trampoline arena. If​ you’re booking a ⁣birthday​ party, check to make⁣ sure⁢ you have all the supplies​ and decorations you need.

Making the⁤ Most of ​Your⁣ 2 Hours at Rockin’ Jump
To make‌ the ‍most out of your ⁣2 ⁤hours at ‌Rockin’ Jump, try to pack in ‌as much fun as possible. Jump on ‍the ⁤trampolines, play games in ‌the court,⁢ and challenge your friends in the arcade. ⁤Don’t⁤ forget to take breaks and ​grab some snacks and ⁤drinks from the‍ concession⁢ stand. And, of course, ⁢don’t​ forget to take ⁣lots of‌ pictures to capture all of⁢ the fun!

Frequently ​Asked Questions

Q: What is ​Rockin’ Jump?
A:‍ Rockin’ Jump‍ is a trampoline⁣ park that offers an exciting recreation experience for ‌people of all ⁣ages. It⁤ includes wall-to-wall ‍trampolines, a foam pit, an air dodgeball‌ court, and ⁣a tumble track. ⁤

Q: How‍ much does ‍it cost​ to ‍enjoy Rockin’ Jump for two ​hours? ⁤
A: The pricing⁢ varies depending‍ on⁣ the ⁢day and location ​of Rockin’ ‍Jump, but typically, it‍ costs $19.95 ⁤per‌ person‌ for⁣ two hours of unlimited​ jumping.

Q: Are there any discounts for large groups?⁣
A: Yes! ⁤Groups of ‌10 ​or ⁤more⁤ people are eligible for ⁤discounts on their admission fee. Additionally, Rockin’ Jump offers​ special group⁤ discounts on birthdays, private events, and fundraising events.

Q: Are ⁣there any age restrictions?
A: Rockin’ Jump requires that all participants are at least 3 ​years ‍old in order ⁤to enter the facility⁢ and jump. ​

In Conclusion

We hope this⁣ article gave ⁣you a better understanding of what ‍you can expect ⁢when ‍you ⁤plan ⁣your outing at Rockin’ Jump. With their⁤ different‌ specials​ and packages, it is​ easy ⁣to⁤ keep ⁤your visit both affordable ⁤and enjoyable. We hope ​you ​and‍ your group have a‌ great time bouncing and having fun at⁢ Rockin’ Jump!

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to have a good time with your friends and family? Well, you might want to consider Rockin’ Jump, an activity center filled with trampolines. Rockin’ Jump provides a memorable experience for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. But how much is it for two hours of jumping?

Rockin’ Jump offers discounts for people who purchase longer passes. Jump passes are available for one hour increments, but you can purchase an extended two-hour pass for a better price. In general, the two-hour pass costs US$22 per person. Any Jumpers over the age of two must have a ticket, and everyone must have appropriate Rockin’ Jump safety socks to jump.

Rockin’ Jump provides everything you need to have a fun time, from the jumping experience itself to a wide variety of activities for everyone. A two-hour jump pass will include a variety of different jumping activities such as foam pits, wall runs, vertical basketball, and dodgeball. The facility also offers an arcade where you can play video games, a café where you can grab snacks, and a party area for special celebrations or events.

As you can see, Rockin’ Jump is an excellent way to spend quality time with your friends and family and make wonderful memories. And, with a two-hour pass for only US$22 per person, it won’t break the bank. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, Rockin’ Jump is the place to go!