How Many Fridays Until Christmas

How Many Fridays Until Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun, but have you been tracking how many Fridays there are until the big day? If not, that’s ok—we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover how you can keep track of the excited anticipation building throughout the holiday season.

1. Christmas is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Christmas is a magical time. As the snowflakes begin to fall and the decorations go up, it’s hard not to feel the anticipation and excitement of the long-awaited Christmas day. But what’s even more exciting is the lead up to it, the days that are filled with more and more festive cheer as we begin to countdown the days until Christmas. That’s why the question on everyone’s minds is: ‘How many Fridays until Christmas?’

2. Start Counting: How Many Fridays Until Christmas?
The only way to find out the answer to this question is to get counting. Thankfully, no matter how many days until the big day, you can always keep track of how many Fridays remain. This will allow you to map out the days, plan events and ensure you make the most of the lead-up to the holiday season.

3. Find Out How Many Fridays You Have to Wait
Figuring out how many Fridays are left until Christmas is relatively easy. Just take the total number of days until Christmas and divide it by 7. The answer you get will give you the number of Fridays you have to wait until Christmas. If you’re not comfortable with complicated maths, you can always use a calendar or Christmas countdown-chain to help you.

4. Tips and Tricks: Getting Excited for the Christmas Holidays
By counting down the Fridays until Christmas, you’ll be able to mentally prepare yourself for the festivities even better. To add to your excitement and get into the Christmas spirit early, you can try the following activities:

  • Movie marathons with your favorite Christmas-themed films
  • Christmas-themed baking competitions
  • Christmas crafts such as drawing, coloring and paper crafts
  • Board games night
  • Christmas markets and holiday shows

5. Start Enjoying the Christmas Season Early With These Ideas
By counting the Fridays until Christmas, you can identify how many days you have left to enjoy the warm and fuzzy feelings that come with the holiday season. You can make these days even more special by setting up various activities with your family such as decorating the entire house or your Christmas tree, going caroling and shopping for gifts. You can also start writing letters and cards to your near and dear ones to let them know how much you miss and love them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many days until Christmas?

A: Christmas Day this year is on Friday, December 25th, so there are 23 Fridays until Christmas.

Q: Is Christmas Day always on a Friday?

A: No, it varies from year to year, depending on what day of the week December 25th falls on. This year, Christmas Day is on Friday, but it may not always be the same.

Q: Can I start shopping early if I know how many Fridays until Christmas?

A: Yes, knowing the number of Fridays until Christmas is a great way to plan your holiday shopping. By starting early, you can avoid last-minute holiday stress and will have plenty of time to purchase gifts for everyone on your shopping list.

In Conclusion

This year has been like no other, and it is important to focus on the things to look forward to. Until that time comes, counting down the Fridays until Christmas can help you get through the days until this special holiday arrives. Hopefully, this article has helped give you an idea of how many Fridays you have to make it until Christmas 2020.
As the weather shifts from warm to chilly we know the holiday season is just around the corner. Many people ask “how many Fridays until Christmas?”

Christmas is celebrated on Tuesday, December 25, 2018 and we are in mid October. Therefore, there are approximately 10 Fridays until Christmas arrives.

In the United States, retail stores start to stock their shelves with decorations and all things festive early in November. They often hold festive advent calendar sales or holiday specific discounts to entice shoppers.

Fridays in the lead up to Christmas often have additional significance for those looking to get their Christmas shopping sorted. On Black Friday (the fourth Friday in November) stores offer significant discounts and most of the Christmas shopping is done then.

This is often followed by Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday), where online stores offer special discounts. After Cyber Monday, most of the Christmas shopping is done and people look forward to the Christmas season in full swing.

In the weeks following Cyber Monday there are just 5 Fridays until Christmas. This is your chance to enjoy special festive activities such as visiting Santa Claus or building a snowman with your family.

So if you’re one of those people wondering how many Fridays you have until Christmas – the simple answer is 10.