How Long Does Hireright Background Check Take

How Long Does Hireright Background Check Take

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to estimate how long a Hireright background check would take? If you have, then this article is for you as it provides a deep dive into understanding how employers use Hireright to check potential job applicants and how long it typically takes for the process to be completed.

1. Understanding the Basics of Hireright Background Checks

Hireright background checks are a process that involves obtaining detailed information about a potential employee’s past. Employers use this information to evaluate qualifications and determine if potential employees are a suitable fit for their organization’s standards. Common information included in background checks includes:

  • Education, training, and certifications
  • Employment history
  • Criminal record
  • Credit checks
  • Drug testing

The background check is conducted by a third party agency with the knowledge of the potential employee. All information obtained is confidential and only used for the hiring process.

2. How Long Does a Hireright Background Check Take?

The amount of time to complete a Hireright background check can vary significantly according to the type of information requested as well as whether the individual has provided all of the necessary information for the check. Generally speaking, non-complex background checks can take no more than 3 business days to complete. However, if the request includes fingerprinting and international background checks, the process can take several weeks.

3. Types of Information Included in a Hireright Background Check

Hireright background checks provide employers with access to an individual’s full employment and educational history, as well as any criminal background. Depending on the type of position, employers may also request a credit check, drug test, or motor vehicle reports. Employers review this information to assess the potential hire’s character and determine if they would be a suitable candidate for a position.

4. Benefits of a Hireright Background Check

Hireright background checks are beneficial for both employers and potential employees. Employers benefit by knowing the details of a potential hire prior to making a commitment to bring them on board. Potential employees benefit by having the assurance that their background will be evaluated fairly and accurately.

5. Tips for Speeding up the Hireright Background Check Process

In order to speed up the Hireright background check process, employers should:

  • Ensure that all necessary information has been provided for the check.
  • Be proactive and start the background check process as soon as possible.
  • Work with the candidate to provide all necessary authorizations, documents, and signatures.

By following these tips, employers can help ensure a comprehensive and efficient background check process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Hireright background check?

A: A Hireright background check, also known as an employment screening, is a comprehensive review of an individual’s criminal and credit history. This is used to ensure that prospective employees are both suitable and legally compliant to the job they are applying for.

Q: How long does a Hireright background check take?

A: The amount of time a Hireright background check takes to complete depends on the type of check being conducted and the supporting information available. Generally, reports are available within 6 to 24 hours of receiving a completed authorization and the needed documentation. The general process for an Employment Screening typically takes between 2-5 business days.

Q: What information is included in a Hireright background check?

A: Hireright background checks typically include employment verifications, Social Security Number verifications, Education verifications, Credit histories, and criminal records. Depending on the type of check a business conducts, other types of verifications may be part of the report.

In Conclusion

We hope that this article has given you a good overview of the typical timeline of a thorough and professional HireRight background check. A good background check can save you a lot of headaches down the road, and be sure to contact your legal counsel if you have any further questions about ensuring the effectiveness and legality of your process.
How long does a HireRight background check take? The answer to this question is complicated and highly dependent on the specific scope and services requested for the background check. However, the majority of background reports are completed within five to ten business days, with summary reports that are ready within three to five business days. If more complex and detailed services are requested, reports may take longer depending on the complexity and scope.

HireRight is a trusted provider of pre-employment background checks. They have a streamlined process that requests and reviews requested records within an efficient timeline. They offer a wide variety of services that allow employers to customize the background check process and narrow it down to the specific criteria they need in their future employee.

The majority of employers utilize traditional background checks, which cover criminal records, previous employers, educational history, credit reports, and other services. These requests are put into an automated screening platform and sent out to every state, county, and federal court that is associated with the records. The results are usually returned within five to ten business days, and a summary report with the relevant information can be provided within three days.

More complex services such as motor vehicle reports, drug testing, reference verifications, and Department of Defense searches may take longer depending on the scope. Motor vehicle reports, for example, can take several days or longer due to the process of retrieving these specific records.

The turnaround time for background checks can vary depending on the type of check and number of records that need to be retrieved. Having a deeper understanding of the background check process can help employers plan accordingly when requesting HireRight services. By following the standard processes, employers can typically get relevant results within a few days.