How Far Is Memphis From Gatlinburg

How Far Is Memphis From Gatlinburg

Are you looking for a fun adventure that will take you from the bustling streets of Memphis to the rustic beauty of Gatlinburg? Get ready to find out exactly how far the journey between these two cities is – and why it’s worth the trip! 1. Understanding the Distance Between Memphis and Gatlinburg
The distance between Memphis, Tennessee and Gatlinburg, Tennessee is approximately 221 miles. The distance is calculated from the Memphis International Airport to the Gatlinburg entrance at the Smoky Mountains National Park. Travelers should plan on an estimated amount of travel time depending on the route chosen; however, most routes should not take more than 4-5 hours of travel time.

2. Typical Driving Times Between Memphis and Gatlinburg
It is important to note that the estimated drive times from Memphis to Gatlinburg are based on an average travel speed and may be extended by road conditions, traffic, and/or other delays. Depending on the route chosen and the type of vehicle being used, the average time to get from Memphis to Gatlinburg is approximately:

  • 4-5 hours by car
  • 5-6 hours by RV
  • 6-7 hours by motorcycle

Therefore, travelers should plan accordingly and allow extra time to get to their destination in case of any delays.

3. Exploring Routes to Get from Memphis to Gatlinburg
When planning a trip from Memphis to Gatlinburg, there are several routes to choose from. Some of the most popular options include: taking I-140 east along the Tennessee/Arkansas State Line to I-40 east through Kodak; taking I-40 east from Memphis to Dandridge and then taking Old Dandridge Pike to Gatlinburg; or taking I-55 south to I-40 east along the Mississippi/Tennessee State Line directly to Gatlinburg. All of the above routes are direct and will get travelers to their destination, however, travelers should also consider alternative routes for a more scenic route and avoid highways and overpopulated areas.

4. Understanding the Benefits of Taking the Road Less Traveled
Taking the road less traveled is an underrated and often overlooked way to get to a destination. By choosing an alternative route, travelers can avoid highways, overcrowded cities, and major tourist attractions, while also taking in the beautiful countryside and unique local sites. Lesser known roads are often not as well-maintained as the major highways but they usually offer travelers an unforgettable experience.

5. Taking the Time to Enjoy the Journey from Memphis to Gatlinburg
No matter what route travelers decide to take, they should be sure to take the time to enjoy the journey. Travelers should plan on making at least a few stops along the way to stretch their legs and take in the scenery. There are plenty of places to explore and if travelers plan their time wisely, they can get to their destination in a timely manner while still taking the time to fully experience the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far is Memphis from Gatlinburg?
A. Memphis, Tennessee is located 288 miles from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The fastest route to travel by car is via I-75 S and US-129 S, which is approximately a 4 hour and 40 minute drive.

Q. Is there public transportation available between the two cities?
A. Unfortunately, there is no direct public transportation service between Memphis and Gatlinburg. The closest bus stop to Gatlinburg is in Knoxville which is a 4 hour drive away. The closest bus stop to Memphis is in Nashville, which is a 2 hour drive away.

Q. Are there other routes that I can take to get to Gatlinburg from Memphis?
A. Yes, you can take I-40 W from Memphis and take TN-66 N to get to Gatlinburg. This is not the fastest route, but may be more scenic. The drive will take approximately 6 hours to complete.

Q. Are there any attractions in Gatlinburg worth visiting?
A. Yes, Gatlinburg is full of attractions and activities that the whole family will enjoy. Some of the most popular attractions include the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort & Amusement Park, and Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this article has served as a helpful resource for anyone curious about the distance between Memphis and Gatlinburg. Appreciate the outdoors and embark on a new journey – just remember to keep track of the miles!

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Memphis, Tennessee, are two cities located in the Appalachian Mountains of the southern United States. Although each city may offer its own unique experiences, many visitors choose to explore both, leading to the question of just how far is Memphis from Gatlinburg?

The distance between these two cities is approximately 258 miles, or 415 kilometers. The average driving time is 4 hours and 12 minutes. This may vary, however, depending on traffic and other variables. The most direct route would take visitors through Knoxville, along Interstate 40 and onto Interstate 55, eventually ending in Memphis.

The cities provide a nice complement to one another, since each offers its own attractions. Gatlinburg is located within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas. Visitors can go on scenic hikes, ride an aerial tramway, shop souvenir shops, or explore the historic district. There are also plenty of options for fine dining, nightlife and entertainment.

In stark contrast, Memphis is a bustling city full of culture and music. While there, visitors can take a tour of Graceland, the home of celebrity Elvis Presley, check out the city’s bustling nightlife, go on a culinary tour of its renowned restaurants, or visit unique museums such as the National Civil Rights Museum.

Overall, Gatlinburg and Memphis offer two different vibes and attract a range of different visitors. By taking the journey from one city to the other, travelers can experience the best of both worlds when visiting Tennessee.