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Face Reveal

Title: Unmasking the Enigma: The


Welcome, dear readers, to our latest blog post where we delve into the intriguing world of YouTube and explore the hidden truths behind a video titled “.” Today, we uncover the enigmatic figure known as Michael Stevens, the creator and host of the renowned Vsauce channel. Known for his deep dives into science, psychology, and thought-provoking content, Michael Stevens has captivated audiences worldwide. However, there is more to this creator than what meets the eye.

In the YouTube video transcript, Michael reflects on the creation of another channel, “How To Basic,” and the ambitious goals he had in mind. Recognizing the increasing reliance on technology and the potential consequences it posed for humanity, he embarked on a mission to disrupt the system from within. By uploading DIY and educational videos filled with misinformation, Michael aimed to sow seeds of doubt and restore trust in human capabilities.

Throughout his Vsauce videos, sharp-eyed viewers have discovered subtle clues and hidden Easter eggs hinting at his connection to the “How To Basic” channel. Michael’s meticulous attention to detail and cleverly disguised collaboration with himself has kept his secret identity safely guarded. As we uncover the secrets behind the magic of his videos, we gain a deeper understanding of the dedication and creativity lurking behind the scenes.

As we delve into the depths of this incredible revelation, join us on this journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding Michael Stevens and his audacious transformation into the enigmatic and celebrated How To Basic. Are you ready to witness the unveiling of a truly remarkable internet phenomenon? Promises of surprises and revelations await your eager eyes as we uncover the face behind the channel that has amassed millions of subscribers worldwide.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post as we embark on this thrilling adventure together, taking a closer look at the revolutionary ideas and unique techniques that shaped one of YouTube’s most captivating mysteries.

Note: Please note that this blog post is based on the transcript of a YouTube video titled “” by the creator behind the Vsauce channel. The content shared here is intended for informational purposes only and is in no way meant to infringe upon any intellectual property rights.

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1. The Evolution of How To Basic: A by Vsauce Michael Stevens

Vsauce Michael Stevens, the creator and host of the popular YouTube series “Vsauce,” made a surprising announcement in a recent video. In this video, titled “The Evolution of How To Basic: A ,” Michael finally reveals himself as the mastermind behind the notorious YouTube channel “How To Basic.” For years, there have been rumors and speculations about the identity of the person behind this chaotic, egg-obsessed channel. With this face reveal, Michael sheds light on the motives behind the creation of How To Basic and the hidden messages he embedded in his videos.

In the video, Michael explains that he created the How To Basic YouTube channel in 2011 as part of what he considers an important human revolution. He noticed how technology was gradually taking over human skills and knowledge, reducing our need to learn and think independently. By uploading intentionally misleading and nonsensical DIY videos, he aimed to expose the flaws in our overreliance on machines and ignite a revolution of self-reliance and critical thinking.

Throughout this revelation, Michael also addresses the skeptics who doubted the existence of a connection between Vsauce and How To Basic. He admits to leaving subtle clues and Easter eggs in his Vsauce videos, hinting at his involvement with How To Basic. Michael reveals that he used tennis ball machines to shoot eggs for his solo collabs and employed clever editing techniques to make it appear as though he was collaborating with himself. This revelation adds a fascinating layer to the complex web of Vsauce and How To Basic, showcasing the dedication and creativity behind their production.

In summary, the face reveal by Vsauce Michael Stevens in the video “The Evolution of How To Basic” uncovers the true identity of the person behind the chaotic and egg-filled content of How To Basic. Michael’s motives behind creating this channel were to spark a revolution against technology’s encroachment on human skills and knowledge. With subtle clues hidden throughout his Vsauce videos, Michael kept fans guessing and brought his unique creativity and editing techniques to the forefront. This face reveal marks a significant milestone in the evolution of both Vsauce and How To Basic, captivating their audiences and leaving them eager for more surprises and thought-provoking content.

2. Unveiling the Mastermind: Inside Vsauce’s How To Basic Channel

The creator and host of the Vsauce YouTube channel, Michael Stevens, also known as “How To Basic,” shares the story behind the creation of his channel. In 2011, Michael created the How To Basic channel as a response to the growing reliance on technology. He noticed that people were no longer learning basic skills because they could simply search for instructions online. Concerned about the replacement of human knowledge by machines, Michael embarked on a mission to disrupt this trend.

Michael’s intention was to expose the flaws in the system and make people question their trust in machines. Through DIY videos filled with intentional misinformation and absurdity, Michael aimed to dismantle the dependency on technology. He cleverly embedded clues and Easter eggs throughout his other videos on the Vsauce channel, hinting at his involvement with How To Basic. Despite his initial expectation of minimal traction, the channel gained unexpected popularity.

One of the intriguing aspects of How To Basic is the collaboration between different versions of Michael himself. Michael reveals that he used tennis ball machines loaded with eggs to simulate these collaborations. By green screening his own hand and adding sound effects in post-production, he created the illusion of multiple participants. This method explains why Max Miller, another YouTuber associated with Michael, hasn’t had a person over for years. With over ten million subscribers, the success of How To Basic surpassed Michael’s expectations, proving the effectiveness of his unconventional approach.

The journey of How To Basic showcases the determination of Michael Stevens to prompt critical thinking and self-reliance amidst the growing dependence on technology. By disrupting the status quo and challenging the trust in machines, Michael’s channel has sparked a revolutionary perspective on DIY content. The creative use of collaboration and misdirection has contributed to the unexpected popularity of How To Basic, making it an influential force in the YouTube community. As the channel continues to challenge and entertain its audience, it leaves us questioning the boundaries of information-sharing and the importance of human skills in the digital age.

3. The Human Revolution: Vsauce’s Mission to Reclaim Humanity from Machines

Hey there, Vsauce enthusiasts! It’s Michael Stevens, and today I want to share with you the driving force behind my creation of the HowToBasic YouTube channel. Back in December 2011, I realized the alarming extent to which technology was taking over our lives. With the ease of finding information and skills online, it was as if we were becoming too reliant on machines. The human mind was being gradually replaced, and this posed a serious threat to our existence as a species.

I firmly believed that a warning alone would not be enough to reverse this trend. It was clear to me that a full-blown revolution, one that dismantled the infrastructure of technology, was necessary. And so, I embarked on a mission to upload DIY content that was not only informational and educational, but also intentionally misleading and filled with errors. By doing so, I aimed to rupture people’s trust in machines, forcing them to rekindle their own skills and knowledge. Many of you might have suspected my involvement in the creation of HowToBasic for years. Well, the rumors are true – I carefully hid clues and Easter eggs in plain sight across Vsauce videos, leaving breadcrumbs for those who were keen enough to follow them.

Some of you may be wondering about the collaboration videos featuring multiple versions of myself in HowToBasic. To preserve the mystery, I utilized tennis ball machines adapted to launch eggs, green screens, and post-production tricks. These techniques allowed me to seamlessly incorporate self-collaborations and create the illusion of multiple individuals. While the magic may have been slightly diminished by revealing this, it was a necessary step in my mission to expose the dangers of relying solely on machines. Despite its humble origins, with over ten million subscribers, HowToBasic has exceeded all expectations. It truly serves as a testament to the importance of reclaiming our humanity from the grasp of machines.

4. Decoding the Clues: Easter Eggs and Hidden Messages in Vsauce Videos

Vsauce videos are not just entertaining and educational, they are also filled with hidden messages and Easter eggs. Michael Stevens, the creator and host of Vsauce, has been including clues in plain sight and hiding Easter eggs throughout his videos. These hidden messages and Easter eggs add an extra layer of depth and engagement for viewers who are willing to dive deeper into the content.

One example of a hidden message can be found in the video titled “how to biscuit why survey.” In this video, Michael mentions the number 475 several times, but then corrects himself and says it’s actually 475. This repetition of the number seems strange, and upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that it is actually a clue. The number 475 can be rearranged to spell Vsauce, indicating that this video is part of a larger puzzle for observant viewers to solve.

Michael Stevens also reveals the secret behind his collabs with himself in his videos. He explains that he used tennis ball machines to shoot eggs into the air, and then added his own hand (green screened) to create the illusion of collaboration. This behind-the-scenes revelation adds an interesting twist to his videos and showcases the creativity and effort that goes into producing them.

Overall, decoding the clues and finding Easter eggs in Vsauce videos adds an extra level of engagement and enjoyment for viewers. It encourages them to pay closer attention to the content and rewards their curiosity and observation skills. So next time you watch a Vsauce video, keep your eyes peeled for hidden messages and Easter eggs – you never know what you might discover!


Q: Who is the creator and host of the Saw Swamp on YouTube?
A: The creator and host of the Saw Swamp on YouTube is Michael Stevens, also known as Vsauce.

Q: When did he create the How to Basic YouTube channel?
A: Michael created the How to Basic YouTube channel on December 8, 2011.

Q: Why did Michael create the How to Basic YouTube channel?
A: Michael created the How to Basic YouTube channel as part of what he believed to be step 1 in an important human revolution. He noticed that technology was offloading information and skills to machines, and he wanted to promote self-reliance by uploading DIY content full of misinformation.

Q: What was the purpose of uploading DIY informational and educational content full of misinformation?
A: The purpose was to create a revolution that would tear down the infrastructure of technology in our world. By making people not trust machines and rely on themselves, the system would fall apart.

Q: What clues has Michael been leaving about his involvement with How to Basic?
A: Michael has been leaving clues in plain sight and hiding Easter eggs throughout Vsauce videos.

Q: How many videos are there in the How to Basic channel?
A: The How to Basic channel has 475 videos.

Q: How did Michael create collabs with himself in the How to Basic videos?
A: Michael used tennis ball machines that shoot tennis balls and loaded them with eggs. He would then shoot the eggs himself and green screen his own hand to make it appear as if someone else was present.

Q: How many subscribers does the How to Basic channel have?
A: The How to Basic channel has ten million subscribers.

Q: Did Michael ever expect the How to Basic channel to gain traction?
A: No, Michael never expected the channel to gain traction, especially since he initially uploaded a large number of videos in one day.

Q: What other projects has Michael been involved in?
A: Michael has been involved in projects such as Max Mofo, Maxima For Games, and Maxima For Games.

Final Notes

In conclusion, the YouTube video titled “” sheds light on the underlying motives and intentions behind the creation of the popular channel “how to basic” by Michael Stevens. As the creator and host of Vsauce, Michael recognized the growing dependence on technology and the potential threat it posed to humanity. In an effort to disrupt this trajectory, he embarked on a mission to dismantle the trust in machines by uploading misleading and confusing content.

Through careful analysis of Vsauce videos and hints scattered throughout, Michael cunningly paved the way for the emergence of how to basic. Despite starting as a mere experiment, the channel gained unexpected traction, attracting millions of subscribers. The collaboration videos, seemingly featuring multiple individuals, were revealed to be the result of tennis ball machines and clever editing techniques.

It’s a remarkable feat that Michael never anticipated reaching, considering the unconventional nature of his content. His other successful projects, such as max mofo, Maxima for games, Metamorpho, and basic to, bear testament to his creativity and ingenuity.

The “” video provides profound insights into the mind of a visionary determined to challenge the technological status quo. By exposing the mechanisms behind how to basic, Michael encourages us to question our reliance on machines and emphasizes the importance of embracing our own knowledge and skills.

In a world where technology continuously shapes our lives, Michael Stevens reminds us that there is still room for human agency and a need to preserve our autonomy. As we move forward, let us not forget the power we hold within ourselves to shape our destinies and chart a course towards a future where humanity thrives.

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