Can I Make A Disney Ride Into A Cream Puff Tower?

Can I Make A Disney Ride Into A Cream Puff Tower?

Hey there, Disney enthusiasts! Today, we’ll be diving into an exciting and delicious challenge that was sparked during a visit to Disneyland. In a recent YouTube video titled “”, Jasmine and Katie embark on a culinary adventure that combines their love for food and the iconic Matterhorn ride at the park. Follow along as they strive to create a croquembouche, a French dessert resembling a cream puff tower, in the shape of the legendary Matterhorn. This delightful treat promises to be a visual and culinary masterpiece, as they explore new techniques and flavors. Get ready to be inspired and intrigued by their imaginative journey, as they turn a beloved Disney ride into a delectable feast for the eyes and taste buds. Join us as we uncover the secrets and challenges of transforming the Matterhorn into a cream puff tower fit for any Disney enthusiast’s dessert dreams.

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1. Transforming the Matterhorn Ride into a Cream Puff Tower: A Delicious Challenge

In this exciting challenge, Jasmine and Katie set out to transform the Matterhorn Ride at Disneyland into a mouthwatering dessert. Inspired by their love for food, they decided to create a croquembouche that mimics the iconic mountain. A croquembouche is a French dessert consisting of a tower of cream puffs, and this one will be shaped like the Matterhorn.

To begin their dessert transformation, the first step is to make the custard filling for the cream puffs. Jasmine starts by heating up some whole milk, bringing it to a slight boil. She then adds vanilla bean paste for flavor. In a separate bowl, she whips together 18 egg yolks and sugar until it becomes fluffy and pale. Next, she adds cornstarch before tempering the egg mixture with the hot milk. This process ensures that the eggs won’t scramble. Finally, she cooks the mixture on the stovetop, whisking constantly until it thickens into a luscious custard.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the Matterhorn Ride is the Yeti, but Jasmine assures us that there will be no Yeti inside their dessert creation. Instead, they will focus on recreating the shape and structure of the mountain with cream puffs. The tower will be adorned with a waterfall, resembling the one seen on the ride. As they move forward with their delicious challenge, we can’t help but be excited about the final result – a croquembouche masterpiece inspired by the thrilling Matterhorn Ride. Stay tuned to see how Jasmine and Katie tackle the next steps in this culinary adventure!

2. Exploring the Process: Making a Croquembouche Inspired by Disneyland’s Matterhorn Ride

In this post, we will be exploring the process of making a Croquembouche inspired by Disneyland’s Matterhorn ride. The Matterhorn ride is a thrilling roller coaster that takes you through the dark while being chased by a yeti. It is a popular attraction at Disneyland and holds a special place in my heart as it is the only roller coaster I don’t get sick on.

To create this dessert, I will be making a Croquembouche, which is a French dessert consisting of a tower of cream puffs. The tower will be shaped like the Matterhorn, complete with a waterfall element to mimic the ride at Disneyland. This will be a challenging project as I have never made a Croquembouche before, but I am excited to take on this challenge.

The first step in this process is making the custard that will fill the cream puffs. I will heat up some whole milk and bring it to a slight boil. Then, I will add vanilla bean paste and mix it with some egg yolks and sugar until it becomes fluffy and pale. Once the eggs are ready, I will temper them by slowly adding in the hot milk to avoid cooking the eggs. This mixture will then be cooked on the stove, whisking constantly, until it thickens into a creamy custard.

Stay tuned for the next post where we will continue with the process of making the Croquembouche inspired by Disneyland’s Matterhorn ride. From shaping the tower to assembling the cream puffs and adding the waterfall element, it will be an exciting journey to recreate this iconic attraction in dessert form. Get ready for a delicious adventure!

3. Creating the Perfect Custard Filling for a Cream Puff Tower: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating the perfect custard filling is crucial for a delicious cream puff tower. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a smooth and creamy custard filling that will elevate your cream puffs to the next level:

1. Heat the milk: In a pot, heat up some whole milk until just before it reaches a boil. This will help infuse the milk with the vanilla flavor. Add about two teaspoons of vanilla bean paste for a rich and aromatic custard.

2. Whip the eggs: In a separate bowl, whisk together 18 egg yolks and sugar until the mixture becomes fluffy and pale. This process will take approximately two minutes and will ensure that the custard has a light and airy texture.

3. Tempering the eggs: Slowly add the heated milk to the egg mixture while constantly whisking. This step is crucial to avoid cooking the eggs and ending up with scrambled eggs in your custard. Gradually adding the milk will bring the eggs and sugar up to the same temperature as the milk.

4. Cook the custard: Pour the tempered egg mixture back into the pot and return it to the heat. Whisk the custard constantly for about seven to ten minutes, until it thickens and becomes a yellow, thick and velvety consistency. Look for bubbles in the custard as a sign that it’s ready.

By following these steps, you can create a luscious and creamy custard filling for your cream puff tower. This smooth and rich custard will complement the light and airy pastry shells, creating the perfect dessert that will impress your guests. Get ready to enjoy a tower of delectable cream puffs filled with this irresistible custard!

4. Bringing Disney Magic to the Kitchen: Tips and Tricks for Designing a Croquembouche Matterhorn

Get ready to bring the enchantment of Disney into your very own kitchen with this step-by-step guide on designing a Croquembouche Matterhorn. Inspired by the iconic Matterhorn ride at Disneyland, this dessert masterpiece combines the elegance of a French croquembouche with the thrill of the Matterhorn bobsled adventure.

To start, let’s focus on creating the delicious custard filling that will go inside the cream puffs of our croquembouche. Begin by heating up some whole milk until it reaches a slight boil. Add a splash of vanilla bean paste for that added touch of flavor. In a separate bowl, whisk together 18 egg yolks and sugar until fluffy and pale. Slowly temper the eggs by gradually adding the heated milk, ensuring not to cook the eggs. Once the mixture is combined, return it to the pot and whisk constantly for about 7 to 10 minutes until it thickens into a creamy custard.

Next, it’s time to assemble the tower itself. Using cream puffs as the building blocks, stack them in a cone-like shape to mimic the Matterhorn mountain. It’s important to have a plentiful amount of cream puffs to create an impressive tower. For the finishing touch, create a unique waterfall effect by drizzling caramel sauce over the tower, reminiscent of the cascading waterfall on the Disney ride.

With a little bit of creativity and a touch of Disney magic, you can transform your kitchen into a scene straight out of the Happiest Place on Earth. So, gather your baking tools and get ready to impress your family and friends with this one-of-a-kind Croquembouche Matterhorn dessert. It’s a treat that not only looks stunning but also captures the nostalgia and excitement of a Disney adventure. Get ready to experience the magic!


Q: What is the YouTube video about?
A: The YouTube video is about two people, Jasmine and Katie, who visit Disneyland and come up with the idea of turning the Matterhorn ride into a dessert.

Q: What is the challenge that Jasmine and Katie give each other?
A: The challenge is for Jasmine to make a croquembouche that looks like the Matterhorn ride.

Q: What is a croquembouche?
A: A croquembouche is a French dessert that is like a cream puff tower.

Q: How does Jasmine plan to make the custard for the croquembouche?
A: Jasmine plans to heat up whole milk and then add vanilla bean paste, egg yolks, and sugar to make the custard.

Q: Why does Jasmine choose the Matterhorn ride for her dessert?
A: Jasmine chooses the Matterhorn ride because it is her favorite ride and she enjoys the thrill and darkness of the ride.

Q: How does Jasmine prevent the eggs from getting cooked when adding them to the milk?
A: Jasmine adds the milk to the eggs slowly, a process known as tempering, in order to bring the eggs and sugar up to the same temperature as the milk without cooking them.

Q: How long does Jasmine whisk the custard mixture for?
A: Jasmine needs to whisk the custard mixture for about seven to ten minutes until it becomes thick and creamy.

Q: What does the custard mixture look like when it is cooked?
A: The custard mixture starts off liquidy but becomes yellow, thick, and creamy after cooking.

Q: What is the final step in making the custard?
A: The final step is to remove the custard from the heat and let it cool.

Q: What does Katie want to include in the croquembouche that Jasmine doesn’t?
A: Katie wants to include a yeti, which is a part of the actual Matterhorn ride, but Jasmine decides not to include it in the dessert.

Final Notes

the end of the day, Jasmine and Katie embarked on a daring culinary adventure, attempting to turn a Disney ride into a magnificent cream puff tower. With creativity and determination, they set out to recreate the legendary Matterhorn ride as a croquembouche, a French dessert known for its cream puff tower structure.

Throughout the video, we witnessed Jasmine’s fear and uncertainty as she navigated the challenges of creating this ambitious dessert. But she embraced the challenge, spurred on by Katie’s encouragement, and embarked on a journey to conquer her fear and create a masterpiece.

From making the custard filling to assembling the cream puffs into a towering structure, each step was meticulously explained and executed. Tempering the eggs, whisking the custard, and creating a waterfall effect, Jasmine demonstrated both skill and determination.

Although there were no yetis in her dessert (much to her relief), Jasmine successfully transformed the iconic Matterhorn ride into a delectable croquembouche. The end result was not only visually stunning but also a testament to Jasmine’s culinary prowess.

In conclusion, this YouTube video captured the essence of culinary innovation and adventure. Jasmine’s willingness to step out of her comfort zone and take on a seemingly impossible challenge is truly commendable. Her determination to transform a beloved Disney ride into a culinary masterpiece is inspiring to all who watch.

So, the next time you visit Disneyland, perhaps you’ll look at the Matterhorn ride with new eyes, imagining the possibilities of turning it into a cream puff tower. Let Jasmine’s bravery and creativity serve as a reminder that there are no limits to what can be accomplished in the kitchen, even transforming a beloved Disney ride into a mouthwatering dessert.

Can I Make A Disney Ride Into A Cream Puff Tower?

It’s a dream that many people have: to create a Disney ride that’s made out of cream puffs! This delicious idea is definitely ambitious and, unfortunately, practically impossible. But, if you’re dedicated enough, you could be the first to bring this idea to life.

When it comes to designing a Disney ride out of cream puffs, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, the cream puffs would have to be safe and durable enough to withstand the motion of the ride. Furthermore, the installation of the cream puffs must be conducted with precision. Otherwise, the ride will not function properly.

Additionally, the cream puffs must be sealed in a protective material to avoid any potential food poisoning. If safety is not a priority, the entire ride may face closure due to health and safety protocols.

Moreover, the cream puffs must be able to withstand the pressure of the riders, as well as the motion of the ride. This means that they must be held in place with strong adhesives or other similar methods. Unfortunately, this makes the process extremely expensive and complicated.

Finally, the cream puffs must be sealed with a food-safe material in order to keep them from being completely ruined over time due to moisture or humidity. The sweet treat must also be hydrated and regularly inspected to make sure the ride is in proper working order.

In conclusion, it is possible to turn a Disney ride into a cream puff tower. However, it is an incredibly complex and expensive process, which should not be undertaken without thorough research and preparation.



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